Colonial 7: Spring 1879

7 player variant set in the late 1800s.

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Colonial 7: Spring 1879

Postby GhostEcho » 16 May 2018, 01:56

One retreat from Britain, due by 7:00 PM US Eastern Daylight (23:00 UTC) Wednesday May 16.

Britain - Don Juan of Austria: Army Punjab retreat Delhi or Nepal, or disband

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Britain - Don Juan of Austria
Karachi supports Punjab to Afghanistan. cut (Persia), held
Punjab moves to Afghanistan. bounced, dislodged (Kashmir S by Afghanistan)
Rajputana supports Karachi to hold.
Gulf of Aden holds.
Arabian sea supports Gulf of Aden to hold.
Assam moves to Tibet.
Yunnan supports Mandalay to hold.
Mandalay supports Yunnan to hold.

France - GPD
Tongking - Mandalay bounced (S by Yunnan), dislodged (Kyushu S by Canton), auto-retreated Annam
Siam s Tongking - Mandalay
Annam - Cochin

Holland - Groo (NMR x1)
Bangkok no order, held
Borneo no order, held
Celebes Sea no order, held
Gulf of Siam no order, held
Java Sea no order, held
New Guinea no order, held
Rangoon no order, held
Sarawak no order, held
Sinkiang no order, held
Sunda Sea no order, held

Japan - EnlightenedMonarch
A Irkutsk support Mongolia to Hold
A Manchuria support Mongolia to Hold
A Mongolia Hold
A Lanchow support Chungking to Hold
A Chungking support Canton to Hold
A Nanchung support Canton to Hold
F HK support Canton to Hold
A Shanghai to Peking
A Kyu to Tongking
F ECS convoy Kyu to Tongking
F SCS convoy Kyu to Tongking
A Canton support Kyu to Tongking
F MPO support LPO to Hold
F LPO Hold
F Sulu Sea to Cebu
F Luzon Strait support SCS to Hold
F Cebu to Manila
F Davao Hold
F UPO to Formosa
F Yellow Sea to UPO

Russia - Cliff Dancer
-Aden to Saudi Arabia (sc)
-Eritrea supports Red Sea to Gulf of Aden bounced (S by Arabian Sea)
-Red Sea to Gulf of Aden
-Mecca to Aden
-Baghdad supports Aden to Saudi Arabia (sc)
-Baku to Moscow
-Shiraz holds
-Omsk to Akmolinsk
-Semipalatiniski supports Krasnoyarsk to hold
-Krasnoyarsk holds
-Kirghiz supports Urumchi to hold
-Urumchi supports Sinkiang to hold
-Kashgar supports Sinkiang to hold
-Kashmir to Punjab
-Afghanistan supports Kashmir to Punjab
-Persia to Karachi bounced
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Re: Colonial 7: Spring 1879

Postby Groo » 16 May 2018, 10:12

Sorry, everyone!

I had net problems in the evening and then I overslept the timeline (it was 2am in my timezone)
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Re: Colonial 7: Spring 1879

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 16 May 2018, 10:36

The army of Punjab fancies the cool air of Nepal. Lets go vacation there then. I was board of Punjab anyway.... :P
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