PDL 2020 Division 1 Sep B #182465 AAR

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PDL 2020 Division 1 Sep B #182465 AAR

Postby another » 09 Dec 2020, 00:26

182465. PDL D1 Sep B
ENGLAND DirtyHarry
FRANCE mjparrett (3way DRAW)
ITALY SelhurstPark
AUSTRIA another (3way DRAW)
TURKEY MeatPopsicle
RUSSIA StarkAdder (3way DRAW)

StarkAdder (RUSSIA) wrote a nice statement in the post game shoutbox, which I think could be a great way to start a thread about this game (I will write my own thoughts later this week).

StarkAdder wrote:Thanks to all who helped me achieve my first "victory" (if a draw can be called one) in a PDL tournament. Here's my brief AAR...

I started by trying to communicate freely and openly with all, a strategy that helped me establish an early relationship with France that never really faltered and gauge the other powers and their levels of engagement. Germany was slower that others to communicate, which made him a first target for some; in my region, Austria and Italy and I all agree to focus on Turkey first, and away we went...

Austria made an unexpected move to Galicia which he blamed on a tech error, and I chose to accept that explanation and keep our alliance going, especially since I had committed to fight Turkey by then and was also trying to gain an advantage in the North. This bit of overstretch led to my lowest moments in the fall of 1902 and spring of 1903, with an angry England seizing St Pete and Austria suddenly working with Turkey to kick me out of Rumania and Bulgaria (and I had promised a swap, but did not expect him to make it happens so quickly on his own terms) and Turkey moving into Armenia.

I expected that Austria would continue to aid Turkey and Sev and Warsaw would fall, and that would be the end of the Romanovs and me. But I reached out to everyone and found an England ready to work with me against Germany and France, and an Italy willing to help me in the South. Austria had also grown into the largest power so talk of a solo threat gave me new common cause with others.

And then, to my great joy, fortunes changed. Austria became a reliable ally again, til the end of the game, aided I am sure by my good distant relationship with France and the fact that both France and Austria were then focused on conquering Italy. Turkey also fell, after putting up a valiant effort, and I seized my moment to stab England (sorry, mate) and take back St Pete and Norway and weaken his fight against France.

Germany also fought bravely from a game-long disadvantage, and from time to time I aided him, but gradually crept closer so I could occupy Berlin and Kiel and finish his reign.

My survival would not have been possible without a long alliance with Austria and France, and shorter alliances with England, Germany and Italy. Turkey and I never really tried, although we had several pleasant exchanges early on. I just did not want to threaten my alliance with Austria in this game by getting too close to the Ottoman Empire.

My Lesson Learned in this game is that allies exist far from your borders as well as near, and the best way to survive is to keep talking, choose your moments carefully, and build the trust one needs in this game to succeed. It is an investment that, like the markets, sometimes pays off and sometimes does not, but just throwing your units around without trying to get information first is the easiest way to fail.

Thanks to all my fellow players in this game. Sorry the end was a bit dull, but the first three years certainly were not.
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