PDL 2020 Division 1 July B #179971 AAR

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PDL 2020 Division 1 July B #179971 AAR

Postby another » 09 Dec 2020, 00:23

179971. PDL D1 July B
ENGLAND Squasher
FRANCE another
ITALY hedge trimmer (SOLO WIN)
GERMANY Tortellacci
AUSTRIA stew0610
TURKEY Frenchie07001
RUSSIA StarkAdder

Since nobody started this AAR, I'm just copying what the winner of the game wrote in another thread (will write my thoughts later this week).
hedge trimmer wrote:I guess my games have now been finished. Maybe I should've written something about 179971. PDL D1 July B, where I managed to finish with a solo as Italy. Not something I expected when I saw which country I was assigned. In 1901 Austria was VERY suspicious of me, so I thought it would be a rough game for me, but somehow we managed to build a very long lasting alliance... well until my betrayal, I suppose. I expected him to stab me at some point too, but maybe I misread him because of his suspicions in 1901? The game also had one of the most lively public press I've seen in any game, for better or worse.
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