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Re: PDL 3. Round 3 Game 3. AAR

Postby hedge trimmer » 08 Jul 2018, 07:07

Hi Rotsu! Thanks for posting.

Interesting to know that Warsaw was actually supposed to be open since it kind of felt like it was just a plan to get me to attack Russia. :P I still disagree that I had better solo chances than you did, but perhaps that just shows that I should've been more convincing when you were feeling paranoid. However, I couldn't have done anything more as far as the moves go... even moving away from Tyrolia was quite a risk for me, and currently I was one move away from a loss. Still, I hoped that it would show my sincerity. Maybe I should've written you some some very specific stalemate line plans, but I was afraid that it would just show how weak my defenses were, and you were being kind of distant since you ignored my suggestions for bounces etc. I was also glad that you ignored my suggestion to let you have Portugal and Spain while I get Warsaw and Moscow, as I wouldn't have had anywhere near enough armies to stalemate that line. :D

In any case, I'm looking forward to playing with you (all) again.
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