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Re: PDL 2. Round 3, game 2. AAR

Postby AleBelly » 27 Jun 2018, 20:50

For my (England's) part, it was just stupidity. I didn't consider the retreat from Munich to Kiel. There was a lot going on that turn, but it was foolish to overlook that retreat.

I only really have two other points on this game:

1) Once I was facing the Sealion, I had written my chances off. Once I realized I might survive it I decided to play more aggressively than usual.

2) Given that perspective, I was pushing towards a two-way draw even though Turkey was outpacing me. The hope was that Austria would fully focus on the Turk and I might be able to nip my way to 18. Normally I would have tried harder (and earlier) to rally the troops against a common enemy, but I felt like I was playing with house money at that point and went a bit more risky than I normally do. In retrospect, I would have only been marginally happier with a four-way draw than a loss, so I'm not too bummed about this result.
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Re: PDL 2. Round 3, game 2. AAR

Postby boldblade » 27 Jun 2018, 21:04

Austria made some interesting decisions that quite baffled me. At times I felt he was helping me. In retrospect I think he was just pulling pieces that were least critical to holding the stalemate position. Which actually is really smart of him if that was his intention (it almost hast to be right?).

The crazy thing was when we first started talking about a two way I think Austria was bigger than both of us and we were tied in centers. I lucked into a position where I could level such a brutal stab of Austria which gave me a huge advantage in the race.
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