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Re: PDL 2. Round 2 Game 2. AAR

Postby lb1785 » 18 May 2018, 10:06

Here's the second part of my AAR, which I hope will fit nicely into the discussion of F08 moves that already started in the posts above. For those of us who have read the first part of my AAR, I've edited it somewhat to include a discussion of 1905-1906 moves, which I called "the rise of AT".

Taking refuge in Scandinavia:
During F06 retreat, right after I got dislodged from War, I tried to analyse how I could possibly survive in this game with Austria now clearly wanting to grow through me. My earlier hopes to include myself into the draw rested pretty much on Austria attacking Turkey instead of me, and myself making my way into StP to hold the Northern half of the main stalemate line: Austria's decision had obviously shattered them. For this reason, and considering my only partner was France and that we had the upper hand in our fight against England, I decided to abandon my home centers to Austria and crawl up to Scandinavia. I thus destroyed my A(War) during F06 retreat, and rebuilt a F(Kiel) in the following phase in order to take Den, Nwy and Swe from England before I had lost the mainland centers I still held. The idea was to defeat England (and kill his remaining fleets), lock up Den from any further push from Austrian armies, and then somehow capture StP and lock the rest of Scandinavia from the North.

If I remember correctly, I went so far as to tell Austria about this strategy of mine, telling him I would help him with my boats up North if only he would slow down and let me hold on to some of my home centers just a bit longer. I don't think it had any effect on his behavior, honestly. In the meantime, I also reached out to France and Turkey and started to warn them that Austria was heading towards a solo.

1907 is not a really good year for me, as I lose Mun to Austria, and Hol to England, while only taking Den from England. There are two upsides to my otherwise fragile position: I take control of NTH with one of my fleets, and England makes a big mistake in F07 retreat by trying to retreat to a bounced location (Swe), thus destroying an essential fleet for him! At the end of 1907, the AT alliance is really on a roll, as they jointly control 19 centers, and are bursting through the stalemate line in Mun and about to do so in Spa/MAO, and maybe StP/Scandinavia as well.

And then, here comes 1908, the turning point of the game indeed.

S08 orders look like AT is going to swamp the Western side of the board, a total nightmare for me but also England and France:
Notice Austria moving to Ruhr, Turkey's army skillfully convoyed from Tus to Spa through TYS and GoL with a support from WMed, and the Northern push into Scandinavia by Turkey and Austria. At this point, AT have more to fear from one another than from the rest of the board, and that's precisely what France and myself decide to play on.

During the S08 retreat phase, France, Turkey and myself open a 3-way thread, in which Turkey recognises that France and myself are ready to throw the game to Austria if Turkey doesn't stab Austria now. Turkey accepts to make a move on Austria, but neither France nor myself are really convinced about it. France and Turkey end up setting their orders according to the plan we had made, while I "deviate" a little by ordering Swe S NTH-Nwy (I was supposed to order Swe S StP-Nwy, so that Austria would take Nwy and Turkey would keep StP):
Turkey is of course furious, since he now misses a build, Austria being stuck in StP from the bounce. I have to admit it now, though I didn't at the time, this completely broke Turkey's momentum in his stab against Austria... France's and my objective is nonetheless fulfilled, as we have stopped, or at least severely slowed down, AT's advance beyond the stalemate line. A good amount of guessing also allows France to keep Bel, and me to keep Kiel, thus keeping us both afloat for the coming game years. England is a clear casualty of this game-changing year, being reduced from 4 centers to 2 due to the loss of Swe and Nwy.

In 1909, I try hard to make it up to Turkey by supporting him back into StP in the Spring. Unfortunately, some of my other moves clearly displease him, as these moves imply that I threaten to go and take StP for myself a couple of turns from then. In 1909, I lose Kiel to Austria but gain Hol from England, while France contributes to England's elimination by taking Edi. Austria loses Rome to Turkey, though I cannot say now whether this was arranged.

I don't know whether it happened between S09 and F09 or after F09, but it looks like Austria and Turkey patched up their differences around this time, and resumed their attack on FG.

FG vs AT, or how to insert oneself into a draw as a weaker power: To be continued...
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Re: PDL 2. Round 2 Game 2. AAR

Postby boldblade » 18 May 2018, 14:36

champinoman wrote:I think the one thing that you are over looking here is the ability for France and Germany to throw a solo the other direction. Based on what I heard in game, which should always be taken with a grain of salt, I believe that Turkey was being threatened with the others throwing the solo to me.

mhsmith does not believe in such things when calculating the path to victory ;)
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Re: PDL 2. Round 2 Game 2. AAR

Postby Custer » 18 May 2018, 17:03

Not much to say. Was a long time ago. I thought I had an ally in Austria if I remember correctly but it didn't work out.

Next time!

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