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Postby mhsmith0 » 10 Apr 2018, 22:03

AleBelly wrote:...
To make a long story short, I heard early and often from Germany, and got a good vibe from him. I was strongly in favor of an F/G and hadn't heard much from England. In limited France experience I prefer to work with Germany anyway. Italy also agreed to a DMZ. Good start! Germany was apprehensive about a slog needed to take out England, so he suggested a Sealion which I supported. But Russia didn't want to play ball and betrayed us to England. More on this in a sec.

The Sealion denial, plus a diplomatic push from England, got Germany on board with a Western Triple. I was reluctant and tried a little to keep Germany against England, but it got to the point that I thought I'd be the target of an E/G if I didn't go along. England, you speculated early that my silence was a bad sign. Although we had a couple of messages back and forth, you were right to be concerned! I did trust the two others on the WT, as evidenced by my slightly unorthodox opening. Fall 1901 moves:

Why did Russia betray the Sealion? Sealion seems like the absolute ideal diplomatic situation up north, since it checks all of the major boxes for the northern front:
1) England can't seriously threaten STP
2) France (Russia's most natural ally of the three north/west powers by far) does well
3) Germany will be focusing energies west instead of east and will let Russia into Sweden to guarantee the build

It does make things a touch dicier in the south potentially, but that's why you negotiate with Austria to have Galicia DMZ and/or negotiate with Turkey to have him stay out of Armenia and/or negotiate with Italy to have him attack Austria or Turkey so that everyone in the south has much better things to do than take advantage of your brief window of weakness in the region.
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