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Re: PDL 1. Round 1 Game 3. AAR

Postby jimbobicus » 03 Apr 2018, 02:32

V wrote:One of the things I love about scoring systems is that they are all the same for everyone (or maybe not in this case...:-)

Treating everyone equally is a necessary but not sufficient axiom for a good scoring system. Eg consider the scoring system that you get 1 point for every game you play regardless of result. That treats everyone equally and measures experience. I certainly think the scoring system is a lot better than that, but still it's not perfect. This is not a criticism at the ratings system that the site uses. I think it would be pretty impossible to create a flawless system - and while we don't know what algorithm is used, it's clear that quite a lot of thought has gone in to it. It's certainly a far more sophisticated system than the previous one.
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