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Game pauses

Postby AleBelly » 02 Jul 2018, 22:05

It looks like there's some discussion ginning up around a second PDL season. Many thanks to mjparrett for the thankless task of setting all of this up and chasing down replacements. Sincere appreciation and gratitude for all of that effort and stress. I've really enjoyed the first season and look forward to the second. But...

As we join, we commit to seeing the season through. This means 6-8 months of pretty much continuous playing, which is great. But I also think it should come with the understanding that pauses will be necessary in some games. I was a bit put off last game when Turkey asked for such a pause due to a vacation but was denied by one of the players. For one-off games this is understandable, but for an expectation of extended continuous play I think we should all be open to such pauses.

Just speaking personally, I go on several backpacking/camping trips a year and I have no access to the internet. This is going to make it hard for me to commit to a second season, even though I'm keen to continue. I'm not insinuating that the league will be worse off without me. Rather, I'm hoping to open a dialog on whether we can reach an understanding on this as I imagine others are in the same situation as me.

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Re: Game pauses

Postby NJLonghorn » 02 Jul 2018, 22:19

I agree.

For me, vacation is a time to play extra Diplomacy, not a time to requests pauses. But I don't judge someone who makes different choices, and am happy to agree to a pause for a vacation (or for pretty much any reason). And as you point out, pause requests should get extra deference in league games because the commitment is so long.

Plus, I'd rather see pause requests than fill-ins or, worse yes, surrenders.

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Re: Game pauses

Postby boldblade » 02 Jul 2018, 22:38

Thanks for bringing this up. I meant to visit this topic after the game concluded for a few reasons. In an AAR by Charleroi he mentioned how the community was always so generous in giving requested pauses. I think the post has been edited as it was a mere ancillary point to another point he was making. But I digress, I was amused by the comment as my pause was continually being rejected in our game. I have never seen a pause rejected before and never would do it myself. But I also get why some people would be annoyed by it. Idk. In this specific case I thought I made a pretty good offer for a compromise that was also not taken up. Ultimately I was able to limp through that week and made the time to be active enough to where I was not hurt as badly as I had feared.

Finally, I would like to add that I asked Mike about this during the game and he offered to message the players involved to insist on the pause. I ultimately did not take him up on it as I felt I could limp through instead. But I just want to point out that our TD probably agrees with the OP and is willing to step in to assist if such a problem arises again.
Alebelly, I hope the above mention gives you additional comfort in choosing to continue with the league.
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Re: Game pauses

Postby Fatmo » 02 Jul 2018, 23:29

I'm not in the league, but have also been kind of following it and rooting for it to do well.

This also means I'm not familiar with all the specific rules.

However, in many tournaments we've had here over the years, they tend to usually have some kind of rule in place where each player can ask the TD to grant one pause per game per player that doesn't have to be approved by the other players (I assume the TD would just ask a mod to pause the game if the TD is not a mod themselves). Usually these were the tournaments Rick Leeds ran, but the most recent PDET had this rule if I recall.

Usually this isn't a problem, since more often than not, pauses are accepted by everyone, meaning a forced pause isn't necessary. But sometimes things come up really quickly and maybe there isn't time to make sure all your bases are covered and you don't know if your pause will be accepted. Or, as has seemed to be the case in some of these league games, one or more players simply decide to go against the normal expectation that pauses should generally be accepted by everyone (within reason). Having one pause that doesn't have to be approved by everyone in the game might help with this.

Naturally, some people won't like a pause going into effect that they didn't want, but I guess that's kind of the point. The main question is if people think that games will be healthier on average if every player has one guaranteed pause a game. Hopefully, this wouldn't make some players MORE likely to reject pause requests. I'm not sure how that might work in the minds of players who for whatever reason don't want to accept pauses. In my limited experience, and again as simply a bystander to this league, it might be a decent idea to consider.
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Re: Game pauses

Postby Jegpeg » 03 Jul 2018, 01:54

I am also not in the league but if everyone in the game has a 2 of pauses of a week the game will be delayed over 3 months lots of pause requests can easily half the speed of the game.

In my standard games I will accept peoples first request for a pause but may not accept the second if they are more than a couple of days each, I might also ask them the reason for the pause and make a decision from what they say.

Going on a camping trip without internet access is a good reason for a pause, but Auntie Agnes coming for dinner requiring you to take a week to prepare is not. Clearly different people have a different threshold of what is acceptable, and it is not impossible people would lie (either to other players or the TD) what the reason is.
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