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PDL 3. 3.1

Postby mjparrett » 16 May 2018, 17:57

It seems we have a bad game going on in round 3. Could some of the people playing get in touch please?!

One member posted on this forum he was taking a break. Not great, but at least he got in touch. Now Italy auto-surrendered (and a new Italy has joined and I don't even know who!!). And NOW, Austria is posting in the shoutbox he has had enough as well. Not sure if that is true or a tactic, but I'm a little worried this game has caused potentially 3 quitters.

It seems it isn't the most talkative game. But I always said I don't want to limit to ambassador or star ambassador. Is it because people were lied to and stabbed?! All part of the game.

So Austria. Hang on in there! You have come through 2 rounds (unless you are yourself a recent joiner); don't let 1 game put you off. Old Italy - poor form for 2 NMRs and not even getting in touch. New Italy - who are you?! Please PM me. There is a big sign on these games saying "LEAGUE MEMBERS ONLY" yet you have jumped into a surrendered position.

Help me out guys!!!
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Re: PDL 3. 3.1

Postby boldblade » 16 May 2018, 19:37

Lol new Italy back out. Austria looks serious about quitting. What a spectacle.
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