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Re: PDL promotion/replacement

PostPosted: 07 May 2018, 19:34
by mhsmith0
I still think that the easiest solution is just to make it so that whatever the # of promotion slots from the lower league, you offer the replacement slot to those players (in order), and if one takes it, then they are considered one of the promotions, and the replace out a "relegation", and the problem kind of solves itself. Just my $0.02 tho.

Re: PDL promotion/replacement

PostPosted: 07 May 2018, 20:20
by NJLonghorn
So to make sure I'm understanding this proposal.... If a spot opens mid-season in league 1, someone from league 2 takes the spot. That counts as one of the 7 promotions / relegations, leaving 6 more for the end of the season. If a total of x players leave during the season, then there are 7-x promotions / relegations.

I like this proposal well enough, so long as x doesn't get too large. But with too many surrenders, there would be few if any promotions / relegations. I'm okay with this from the promotions side, because the top players from league 2 would have moved up to replace resignations. But from the relegations side, it seems unfair for last place in league 1 to get to stay there.

This scenarios would be even more likely in lower leagues, due to a cascading effect. If 4 players resign in league 1, 4 players from league 2 would move up. Meanwhile, if 4 other players from league 2 resign, you've now opened up 8 spots in league 2, all of which would be filled from league 3. In this scenario, which is not at all unlikely, the end result is that last place in league 2 survives.

Given where I am in the standings of league 2, I could live with this. :D But I don't think it's the right answer.

Re: PDL promotion/replacement

PostPosted: 07 May 2018, 22:28
by mhsmith0
From everything I can tell, there's a solid tendency for replace outs to be among the people at the bottom end of the standings. So like if 7 people replace out in a year (which would be way higher than the norm), I don't think it'd necessarily be terrible for someone who finished dead last but at least stuck it out to get to stick around?
It could also be a policy that we either mid-season promote people from the top X of the board or (particularly late in the year) if there's no volunteers from the "probably would have been promoted anyway" group, we just run 1-2 game subs, possibly also just giving people the chance to simply play in those games without surrendering their positions in the other leagues or something.
idk there are a lot of possible options, and I do think that this is a good idea for some discussion, particularly sine (I think?) policy about how to handle subs isn't fully set in stone.