Exploration: Spice Islands - Spring '14

An Exploration style game where players reveal the map as they venture out into the unknown. 5 players in this game. GM'ed by Aeschines with Condude1 and Alman as 2nd Eyes.
Winner: JonS (Green)

Moderator: Morg

Exploration: Spice Islands - Spring '14

Postby Aeschines » 14 Sep 2017, 04:59

Fall '14 orders are due 9/16 at 10pm EST!
Note: Orders MUST be cc'd to Condude1 and Alman
Failure to cc BOTH Condude1 and Alman may result in an NMR being logged against you

Spice Islands S14 (PUBLIC).png
Spice Islands S14 (PUBLIC).png (47.71 KiB) Viewed 195 times

Ccoughley - Purple Co. eliminated Fall '04

EpicDim - Blue Co.
F Sadness S F Joy... succeeded
F Joy S F Sadness... succeeded

GhostEcho - Red Co. eliminated Fall '09

GPD - Orange Co.
Women's Peak-???... succeeded
Ocean of Dragons-Wyrm Point... suceeded
Headhunter Sea-Center Isles... succeeded
Shipwreak Bay-Center Sea... succeeded
Lipstick Coast-Headhunter Sea... succeeded
Hardbreak Sea-Spice Strait... succeeded

JonS - Green Co.
Army Singsel move ???... succeeded
Army Lobbib support Singsel move ???... supported unit succeeded
Fleet Violet Sea hold... succeeded
Fleet Lellani Sea move Arrow Ocean... succeeded
Fleet Okok Bay move ???... succeeded
Fleet Western Reach move Yuka Sea... succeeded
Fleet Slippery Cove move Silt Sea... succeeded
Fleet Drunken Cove move Slippery Cove... succeeded
Fleet Eggshell Coast move Egg... succeeded
Fleet Pirate Sea hold... succeeded
Fleet Golden Ocean support Bluewater Reef hold... supported unit succeeded
Fleet Bluewater Reef support Golden Ocean hold... supported unit succeeded

The Cannibals
Green Hill - ???... succeeded
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