Heptarchy 13: Winter 651

7 player map based on Medieval Britain. GM'ed by Joe92 3 player draw shared by Mercia (Wobbly), Northumbria (GPD), Wales (Big gun)

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Heptarchy 13: Winter 651

Postby joe92 » 02 Apr 2017, 16:54

Apologies for the delay. Winter is now posted.

Spring orders are due in 3 days, by 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT Wednesday 5th

Heptarchy_651_12_winter.png (47.66 KiB) Viewed 399 times

Anglia - vaderi
Build A London

Cornubia - SmokerScoff
A exe

Ireland - StarWatcher009
F Bel
F Dub
F Cor

Mercia - Wobbly
Army Bir
Fleet Kin

Northumbria - GPD
Build Fleet Lancaster
Build Army York

Scotland - stalin813
F Aberdeen

Wales - Big Gun
A Wre
F Cdf
F Swa
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