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Re: Malazan Book of The Fallen: Worth Reading

Postby StarWatcher009 » 10 Sep 2017, 17:32

I Love Italy wrote:
StarWatcher009 wrote:I'm a bit late to the party but after reading Gardens 9 months ago; I've finally started DG.

Nice! DG is pretty great. Let me know what you think as you continue!

Finished it yesterday. Much better than Gardens as I remember. The chain of dogs storyline may be one of the greatest I've ever read. I loved the pessimism of Duiker the whole way through. And Coltaine, so much mystery about him unanswered.

The thing I found the most annoying was that there were constantly things unresolved.

For example:
the talking chain of armour in the Azath House and the giant dragon appearing out of nowhere.

I think it drags the individual book down by having so many of these but it'll probably make the series as a whole spectacular. Assuming they are answered.

I loved Kulp's death. I love when books do that. Almost needlessly killing a character.

Furthermore, the revelations about Laseen were really great. The cross referencing with what I assume to be the MoI storyline is very special when done right.
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