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4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2016, 04:16
by EpicDim
A draw has been declared among the 4 remaining powers:
Springhar Republic
Team Watersnail

Thank you and congratulations to Aeschines, gnaah, jegpeg, and joe92.

Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2016, 05:38
by Don Juan of Austria
I'll be posting later. :)

Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2016, 06:31
by UsernamePending
They WILL be enlightened, just... wait 'til I get centers again.

Was a fun game until I had to duck out, wp by all.

Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2016, 20:24
by Jegpeg
I can't really say much as I was extremely late to the party.

When I joined I was told and the historic moves showed that there was a strong 4 way alliance working towards a draw. In order to improve on that I would need to convince at least 1 preferably 2 members of the alliance to commit a stab. The chances of that were slim and if tried my place in the draw would be removed so I kept the peace and settled for the draw.

Glad to be able to help in bringing the game to its conclusion

Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2016, 01:55
by joe92
1900 - Game commenced
I started with Tunisia and Warsaw. I was very happy to get Tunisia but Warsaw was going to be tough to do anything with. I decided to outline a plan in my head which I would try to roughly stick to. It was pretty simple. Focus my energy on the Med and be willing to cede centres away in return for getting my Warsaw army south to join my Med presence.

I was quite slow on getting my opening messages out for the game began on a weekend away for me. By the time I responded to Antiland I found he had already been messaging with Woolgie and speaking of forming an alliance between the three of us. That was lucky on my behalf, though no doubt was attributed to Tunisia's proximity to Naples and Warsaw's proximity to Berlin, both of Antigonos' centres. With that on hand I was able to move forwards with my rough plan. I explained it to Antigonos and pushed to get into Rome in the opening year. He agreed, and also agreed to cede Naples to me in return for Warsaw later down the line. And so it went. I acquired a build in the opening year which was a huge relief. I knew I wasn't going to be one of the first eliminated.

1902 - Quartet formations
With a misorder from Elric Hazard the previous fall I decided to eliminate that risk and supported Don Juan into Sevastopol while gnaah supported Antigonos into Munich. That removed a player from the board, and at the same time I Love Italy was also eliminated.

It was at this point, with 2 players out of the game and the early leaders emerging elsewhere on the board, that talk of a 4 way alliance started: The Quartet - the alliance which finished with a victory. After some short discussion we also included PetesAHut. Though it turned out there was another group alliance already on the board named Hapsburg Extended and I ended up in both, as did Aeschines and gnaah (the other two in Hapsburg Extended being PetesAHut and Don Juan). So I was now in three alliances. Quartet, Hapsburg Extended, and the 3 way with Woolgie and Antigonos. No denying it, an enviable position to be in.

PetesAHut was quite aggressive in his aims to expand and so was soon dropped from the Quartet. He was leaning hard on me to stab Antigonos which I wouldn't do. Other's weren't keeling to his demands either and at this point he dropped out of the game for reasons I can't remember. Champain replaced him which opened up the possibility of re-including PetesPlace in the alliance. Woolgie and ColonelApricot however were quicker and more effective in enlisting champain to their cause.

1904 - Turning against Woolgie/ColonelApricot
Though part of the Quartet alliance I was still on cordial terms with both Woolgie and the Colonel who were fast establishing themselves as the main competition to our alliance. Though I thought the alliance was under wraps looking at the board again in Spring 1904 onward it is clear to see from our demilitarised central Europe that we were all working together. Perhaps I wasn't so obviously part of the alliance, but I was clearly allied with Antigonos who was clearly allied with gnaah, who was clearly allied with Aeschines. Negotiations weren't quite so fruitful from this point with Woolgie and the Colonel.

My main fear was losing the Ionian Sea to ColonelApricot and really it was touch and go for a while. With help from Antigonos I was able to secure the Ionian Sea but they took the Iberian Peninsula which to my west was even less well defended.

Meanwhile I had moved Warsaw to Moscow ceding it as promised. Moving then to Sevastopol when I turned against Elric Hazard. With a misorder from Don Juan in '03 he missed a build and pretty much secured himself out of the game while giving ColesD a fighting chance. There was little choice but to be ruthless with so many players. He was dropped. I moved into Rumania in the spring of '04, but then bounced him in Sevastopol in the fall. Given it was his only centre that was another player out. With the high concentration of units in Turkey I couldn't even build in the Med yet to shore up against the encroaching Conugal fleets. It had to be a fleet in Sevastopol.

1905 - Conflict in the Med
The following year I knew the W. Med would be breached. I had to get another build that year lest I lose to ColonelApricot. Thankfully the alliance came through for me. I got into Greece in the fall just as the W. Med was breached. That gave me a build in Tunisia and from that point on I was confident we would succeed as long as we didn't turn on each other.

In '06 the English triple - a triple of single supply centre powers - was broken. Aeschines took Liverpool while gnaah got an army on the mainland ready for '07. From there it just became a task of cracking the Turkish centres and the Iberian peninsula.

I was worried that Aeschines may attempt a solo run at some point as he had a very strong position. However, it was brought up in discussion that no one could attempt a solo run, or attempt to whittle down the alliance, without the others turning against them. We each agreed in the group chat that anyone who tried would soon be removed from the draw. I never received a private message discussing the possibility of removing one of the four, nor did I send such a message. That threat of loss is probably what helped keep us together in the end stages.

From '07 to '09 there wasn't much communication. We knew we were going to draw together and that all we needed to do was breach the remaining centres. A couple of draw proposals were put forwards. One by Aeschines and one by myself. Neither was accepted. Though I found out later that proposing a draw doesn't automatically include you in the draw, and so that second one by me probably expired because I didn't accept it! :roll: Could have been done a month or so ago if I'd been a bit more observant of the rules.

1910 - Antiland replacement and game end
Just as the game was finishing Antigonos had to leave for health reasons, but didn't return when expected. I hope you are recovering well, Antigonos, and will grace us with some more game in the future!

A replacement was found. This threw a spanner in the works. What if the replacement had ideas of running for a solo? Thankfully, Jegpeg was a brilliant sub who agreed to continue Antigonos' legacy to get the 4-way draw. The threat of being excluded from the draw was brought up again just in case. We removed the final army of Woolgie's and accepted the draw.

Normally a 4-way draw would be considered a lame victory. However, with 17 players starting I consider a 4-way draw to be a strong success. Statistically, it is better than a 2 way draw on a standard 7 player map. Thanks for the good game everyone! And thanks to Aeschines, gnaah and Antigonos/Jegpeg for the strong alliance which secured our victory!

Maybe one day we'll even get the 34 player Chaos game started as we tried with this one...

Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2016, 02:15
by ColonelApricot
My first PbF game, most enjoyable & interesting format that provided plenty of diplomatic challenge, not the least of which was the frequency and intensity of comms with so many opps to deal with.

My home bases: Portugal ((secure but isolated) and Constan (neither secure nor isolated but with strategic value).

Woolgie was my common/ near neighbor so we allied and aimed to take over Iberia and Anatolia. Later Petesahut became significant to both areas so we brought him in too. I decided to build fleets because of my maritime locations and because i expected others to mainly build armies and my fleets would then make me a desirable ally.

The initial strategy was to expel Verse9 from Spain and unify Turkey. I envisaged Turkey as being a 3-way maritime cooperative but Malevolence built an army. UNP was also against me so I was lucky that I could retreat to Smryna and Woolgie joined me in Con. Verse9 proved impossible to dislodge so eventually we made peace with him (Verse9 exhibited rational behaviour fortunately) but valuable time was lost, and ultimately this delay prevented us unifying the Med and making inroads in the UK.

The unification of Turkey was a slow process also and I felt that UNP could have benefitted by taking a less tactical approach. By the time Woolgie and I had achieved our goal Aeschines and Joe92 has already conquered the Balkans and expelled Petesahut/ Champain (thanks Champain for stepping in and being a good ally).

Aeschines stab of Fall 1903 was incisive and I was somewhat surprised that it did not eventuate in a solo attempt.

Regarding strategy: I believe Joe's strategy of making exchanges to build consolidated positions was best and he executed it well. My approach was to create cooperatives ("trade unions") but this probably depended too much on contuned trust that is such a rare commodity. Woolgie and I built an eduring alliance, and with Petesahut and Verse9 somewhat less so, but still much appreciated. I believe the success of the final four would be attributed to them establishing early and enduring alliances based on relaible trading (gnaah perhaps being the exception as he skillfully inveigled himself into the winning alliance).

Thanks to EpicDim for the hard work and innovating the idea.


Re: 4-way draw and AARs

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2016, 21:42
by Don Juan of Austria
I played as Bright Green/Belgium and Rumania/Belmania.

I didn't play too well, and was soon finished off by a short series of my own mistakes.
My initial plan was to take Bulgaria by some means, but instead I was willingly sucked into the Petesplace alliance. I sort of felt like a third wheel as I wasn't really needed, though I think I was helpful. My problem started when PetesaHut had to drop out, as the alliance communication stopped. I had three units at this point, with 2 SCs around the Black sea (and I had lost my northern SC), and instead of destroying my fleet in Helgoland Bight, I kept it, and it wasn't really helping anyone, though I had kept it to help fight the British alliance...
Shortly after, I made a misorder, which Brown capitalized upon, and I finished.

A fun game that involved a lot of communication. Thanks EpicDim for GMing it too! :)