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1910 Fall

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2016, 05:20
by EpicDim
1910 Adjustments are due 08:00:00 p.m. Monday December 5, 2016 in America/Chicago (02:00:00 a.m Tuesday December 6, 2016 in GMT)

Antiland: jegpeg
Mos - Sev [Resolved 2 v 1]
All other units hold. [Resolved]

PokeBudden: Aeschines
Rumania - Ukraine [Resolved]
Serbia - Rumania [Resolved]

Springhar Republic: joe92
F Gre s F Bul Hold [Resolved]
F Bul Hold [Resolved]
F BLA s Mos - Sev [Resolved]
A Arm s Mod - Sev [Invalid Order]
F Con Hold [Resolved]
F Por Hold [Resolved]
F Spa Hold [Resolved]
F NAf Hold [Resolved]
F Rom Hold [Resolved]
F TYR Hold [Resolved]

Team Watersnail: gnaah NMR 2
all my units hold [Resolved]

Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie
Sevastapol Hold. [Dislodged 1 v 2, Disbanded]

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Adjustments Needed
Antiland: jegpeg: Build 1
PokeBudden: Aeschines: Build 1

1910 (5th)
Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie (Greece, Marseilles)

1909 (6th)
Conugal: ColonelApricot (Constantinople, Portugal)

1907 (7th)
Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company: JonS (EnlightenedMonarch: Bulgaria, London)
Liverpuldian Enlightenment Foundation: Subotai45 (UsernamePending: Ankara, Liverpool)
PetesPlace: champain (PetesAHut: Brest, Vienna)

1906 (10th)
NoRain: Verse9 (Norway, Spain)

1905 (11th)
Holcow: ColesD (Holland, Moscow)

1904 (12th)
Hadrian: pjkon (Edinburgh, Rome)
Le Royaume de Lumière: Malevolence (St. Petersburg, Smyrna)
Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria (Belgium, Rumania)

1903 (15th)
Panice: Balkanmeister (Paris, Venice)

1902 (16th)
Ishmael: I Love Italy (Denmark, Serbia)
Munastopol: Elric Hazard (Munich, Sevastopol)

Re: 1910 Fall

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2016, 16:51
by Woolgie
In dislodgement the brave final unit of the Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille blasted of from the Crimean Peninsula at 0500 this morning atop a Falcon rocket to search out new peaceful habitation amongst the stars. Farewell dear Earthlings.

Re: 1910 Fall

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2016, 18:40
by joe92
Thanks for the gun game, Woolgie!

Springhar Republic proposes a 4-way draw between the remaining 4 powers:
Springhar Republic
Team Watersnail