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1904 Fall Retreats

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2016, 02:54
by EpicDim
1904 Adjustments are due 08:00:00 p.m. Thursday September 15, 2016 in America/Chicago (01:00:00 a.m Friday September 16, 2016 in GMT)

3 more eliminations and then there were 11. I'll be changing the main deadlines to 4 days now that we're at 12 or below.

Holcow: ColesD
Disband StP.

PetesPlace: champain
Serbia retreat to bulgaria

20 1904 Fall Retreats.gif
20 1904 Fall Retreats.gif (57.94 KiB) Viewed 554 times

Adjustments Needed
Hadrian: pjkon Disband 1, Fleet York
Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria Disband 1, Army Ukraine
PokeBudden: Aeschines Build 1
Springhar Republic: joe92 Build 1
Team Watersnail: gnaah Build 1
Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie Build 1

1904 (12th)
Hadrian: pjkon (Edinburgh, Rome)
Le Royaume de Lumière: Malevolence (St. Petersburg, Smyrna)
Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria (Belgium, Rumania)

1903 (15th)
Panice: Balkanmeister (Paris, Venice)

1902 (16th)
Ishmael: I Love Italy (Denmark, Serbia)
Munastopol: Elric Hazard (Munich, Sevastopol)