1904 Fall

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1904 Fall

Postby EpicDim » 12 Sep 2016, 05:17

1904 Fall Retreats are due 08:00:00 p.m. Tuesday September 13, 2016 in America/Chicago (01:00:00 a.m Wednesday September 14, 2016 in GMT)

Antiland: Antigonos
Army Warsaw Move to Moscow [Bounces 1 v 2]
Army Silesia Move to Warsaw [Bounces 2 v 1]
Army Munich Move to Burgundy [Bounces 1 v 1]
Fleet Venice Move to Apulia [Resolved]

Conugal: ColonelApricot
Greece Support Aegean to Ionian [Resolved]
Aegean Move to Ionian [Bounces 2 v 2]
Mid-Atlantic move to Spain sc [Resolved]

Hadrian: pjkon
Yorkshire to North Sea [Bounces 1 v 2]

Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company: EnlightenedMonarch
F English Channel to London [Resolved]
F Belgium to English Channel [Bounces 1 v 1, Holds 1 v 1]

Holcow: ColesD
A(StP) s A(Mos) [Cut, Dislodged 1 v 2]
A(Mos) s A(StP) [Cut, Holds 1 v 1]

Le Royaume de Lumière: Malevolence NMR: 2

Liverpuldian Enlightenment Foundation: Subotai45
Edi Hold [Resolved]

Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria
Army in Ukraine moves to Sevastopol. [Bounces 1 v 1]

NoRain: Verse9
North Atlantic Ocean moves Liverpool [Resolved]

PetesPlace: champain
Serbia move rumania [Bounces 1 v 1, Dislodged 1 v 2]
Gascony move burg [Bounces 1 v 1]
Brest move English channel [Bounces 1 v 1]

PokeBudden: Aeschines
GoB support Norway-StP [Resolved]
Norway-StP [North Coast Resolved 2 v 1]
SKA-NTH [Resolved]
Galicia s Silesia-Warsaw [Resolved]
Budapest-Serbia [Resolved 2 v 1]
Trieste s Budapest-Serbia [Resolved]

Springhar Republic: joe92
A (Rum) - Sev [Bounces 1 v 1, Holds 1 v 1]
F (Nap) s F (ADR) - ION [Resolved]
F (ADR) - ION [Bounces 2 v 2]
F (GoL) - WME [Resolved]

Team Watersnail: gnaah
F Denmark S Skagerak - North Sea [Resolved]
A Netherlands - Belgium [Bounces 1 v 1]

Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie
Marseille Support Mid Atlantic Ocean - Spain South Coast [Resolved]
Ankara Hold [Resolved]
Smyrna - Armenia [Resolved]

19 1904 Fall.gif
19 1904 Fall.gif (58.76 KiB) Viewed 1097 times

Retreats Needed
Holcow: ColesD Army St. Petersburg retreats to Finland, Livonia, or disbands
PetesPlace: champain Army Serbia retreats to Albania, Bulgaria, or disbands

1903 (15th)
Panice: Balkanmeister (Paris, Venice)

1902 (16th)
Ishmael: I Love Italy (Denmark, Serbia)
Munastopol: Elric Hazard (Munich, Sevastopol)
Gauls (Ad Arma) 3-way, Russia (Othello) 4-way, Austria (Crowded Othello) Solo, England (Devious GM 2) Solo, Egypt (Time Travel) 3-way, (Exploration: Great Expeditions) Solo, Han (Warring States 2) Solo
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Re: 1904 Fall

Postby I Love Italy » 12 Sep 2016, 06:01

Shouldn't Norway to St. Petersburg North Coast fail? I'm pretty sure the rules specify a fleet can't support to a coast that it can't move to.
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Re: 1904 Fall

Postby Subotai45 » 12 Sep 2016, 06:07

No, it's good as long as it can move to the territory. So GoB can support a fleet to StP (even North coast) but a fleet on the north coast of StP can't support to GoB because it can't move there.
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Re: 1904 Fall

Postby ColesD » 12 Sep 2016, 11:36

Yeah, the support's valid. Disband StP.
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