1902 Fall

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1902 Fall

Postby EpicDim » 09 Aug 2016, 04:46

1902 Fall Retreats are due 08:00:00 p.m. Wednesday August 10, 2016 in America/Chicago (01:00:00 a.m Thursday August 11, 2016 in GMT)

Antiland: Antigonos
Army Berlin Move to Munich [Resolved 2 v 1]
Fleet Apulia Move to Venice [Bounces 1 v 1]

Conugal: ColonelApricot
Aegean Move to Bulgaria sc. [Resolved 2 v 1 v 1]
Portugal Move to MAO. [Resolved 2 v 1]

Hadrian: pjkon
North Sea to Holland [Resolved 2 v 1]

Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company: EnlightenedMonarch
F Belgium supports North Sea to Netherlands [Resolved]
F English Channel supports MAO to Brest [Resolved]

Holcow: ColesD
A(Lvn)-StP [Resolved]

Ishmael: I Love Italy
A Albania move to Serbia [Bounces 1 v 1]

Le Royaume de Lumière: Malevolence
Ank hold and pray [Resolved]

Liverpuldian Enlightenment Foundation: UsernamePending NMR: 1
MAO M Brest [Bounces 2 v 2, Dislodged 1 v 3]
Black Sea M Sev [Bounces 1 v 2 v 1]

Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria
Fleet in the Netherlands supports the Danish fleet unto to the North sea. [Cut, Dislodged 1 v 2]
Army of Rumania charges into Sevastopol. [Resolved 2 v 1 v 1]

Munastopol: Elric Hazard
Munich S Kiel [Cut, Dislodged 1 v 2]
SEV S Moscow [Cut, Dislodged 2 v 1]

NoRain: Verse9
Spain support Portugal to Mid-Atlantic Ocean [Resolved]
Norway support Denmark to North Sea [Resolved]

Panice: Balkanmeister NMR:1
Army Burgundy move Marseilles [Bounces 1 v 1]
Fleet Trieste move Venice [Bounces 1 v 1, Dislodged 1 v 2]

PetesPlace: PetesAHut
Bre S Por to MAO [Resolved]
Par S Bre to Hold [Resolved]
Tyr S Bud to Tri [Resolved]
Ser M Bul [Bounces 1 v 2 v 1, Holds 1 v 1]

PokeBudden: Aeschines
Ska support Denmark - North Sea [Resolved]
Denmark - North Sea [Resolved]
Budapest - Trieste [Resolved 2 v 1]

Springhar Republic: joe92
A (Mos) s A (Rum) - Sev [Resolved]
F (ION) - ADR [Resolved]
F (TYR) - ION [Resolved]

Team Watersnail: gnaah
A Kiel S Berlin - Munich [Resolved]
A Greece - Bulgaria [Bounces 1 v 2 v 1]

Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie
Marseille to Burgundy [Bounces 1 v 1]
Constantinople support Aegean Sea to Bulgaria South Coast [Resolved]

10 1902 Fall.gif
10 1902 Fall.gif (59.95 KiB) Viewed 701 times

Retreats Needed:
Liverpuldian Enlightenment Foundation: UsernamePending - Fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean retreats to Irish Sea, North Africa, North Atlantic Ocean, Western Mediterranean Sea, or disbands
Mendacium Mustela: Don Juan of Austria - Fleet Netherlands retreats to Helgoland Bight or disbands
Munastopol: Elric Hazard - Army Munich retreats to Bohemia, Ruhr, Silesia, or disbands
Munastopol: Elric Hazard - Army Sevastopol retreats to Armenia, Ukraine, or disbands
Panice: Balkanmeister - Fleet Trieste disbands
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Re: 1902 Fall

Postby PetesAHut » 09 Aug 2016, 14:49

Looks like the Munstapol retreats can be auto-disbanded - neither can reach an SC and he's been eliminated.

Good game Elric Hazard and I Love Italy. Sorry it didn't work out for the two of you.
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