Fall 1901

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Fall 1901

Postby EpicDim » 25 Jul 2016, 04:04

1901 Fall Retreats are due 08:00:00 p.m. Tuesday July 26, 2016 in America/Chicago (01:00:00 a.m Wednesday July 27, 2016 in GMT)

England remains at peace. Germany finds a way to cooperate. Russia sees a lot of conflict but no movement. Africa invades Italy and Turkey is invaded by the Balkans yet again. Austria and France begin to be consolidated. PetesPlace becomes by growing to 4 centers.

Antiland: Antigonos
Army Berlin Support Army Kiel to Hold [Resolved]
Fleet Naples Support Fleet Tyrrehenian Sea Move to Rome [Resolved]

Belania/Rumum: Don Juan of Austria
Belgium sails to the Netherlands/Holland. [Resolved 2 v 1]
Rumania supports Serbia to Bulgaria. [Resolved]

Conugal: ColonelApricot
Portugal MOVE Spain nc [Bounces 1 v 1]
Smyrna SUPPORT Bulgaria to Constantinople [Resolved]

Hadrian: pjkon
Rome to Tuscany [Resolved]
Edinburgh to North Sea [Resolved]

Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company: EnlightenedMonarch
F English Channel to Belgium [Resolved]
A Constantinople support Armenia to Smyrna [No Matching Order, Dislodged 1 v 2]

Holcow: ColesD
F(Hol)-Kie [Bounces 2 v 3, Dislodged 1 v 2]
A(Mos) s F(Nwy)-StP [Cut 1 v 1]

Ishmael: I Love Italy
A Greece support A Trieste-Serbia [Resolved]

Le Royaume de Lumière: Malevolence
STP to Norway [Bounces 1 v 1]
Arm to Ank [Bounces 1 v 1]

Liverpuldian Enlightenment Foundation: UsernamePending
F NAO M MAO [Resolved]
F Smy S A Con H [No unit]
[Fleet Ankara Holds 1 v 1]

Munastopol: Elric Hazard
SEV S WAR - RUM [No Matching Order]
Munich S Kiel H [Resolved]

NoRain: Verse9
Spain support Burgandy to Marseilles. [Cut, Holds 1 v 1]
Norway move St. Petersburg. [Bounces 1 v 1]

Panice: Balkanmeister
Army Burgundy move Marseilles [Bounces 1 v 1]
Fleet Venice move Trieste [Resolved]

PetesPlace: PetesAHut
Tri M Ser [Resolved]
Par Hold [Resolved]

PokeBudden: Aeschines
Denmark support Holland-Kiel [Resolved]
Budapest support Trieste - Serbia [Resolved]

Springhar Republic: joe92
F (TYR) - Rom [Resolved]
A (War) - Mos [Bounces 1 v 1]

Team Watersnail: gnaah
A Kiel S Belgium - Holland [Resolved, Holds 1 v 1]
A Serbia - Bulgaria [Resolved]

Wonderful Allied Nations of Greeseille: Woolgie
Marseille Support Portugal to Spain North Coast [Cut, Holds 1 v 1]
Bulgaria Move Constantinope [Resolved 2 v 1]

05 1901 Fall.gif
05 1901 Fall.gif (59.63 KiB) Viewed 929 times

Retreats Needed:
Holcow: Fleet Netherlands retreats to Helgoland Bight or disbands
Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company: Army Constantinople disbands
Gauls (Ad Arma) 3-way, Russia (Othello) 4-way, Austria (Crowded Othello) Solo, England (Devious GM 2) Solo, Egypt (Time Travel) 3-way, (Exploration: Great Expeditions) Solo, Han (Warring States 2) Solo
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Re: Fall 1901

Postby EnlightenedMonarch » 25 Jul 2016, 05:43

It is with somber hearts and bittersweet memories that Her Majesty's Royal Balkans Company formally withdraws its last troops from Asia Minor. The Age of Imperialism is at an end, and with it goes an era of unquestionable tragedy, yet also one of burgeoning Enlightenment! It is our fervent hope that the uncivilized peoples we leave behind will find their way to advancement and peace. While England may have lost a ray of its resplendent glory, it stands secure in the knowledge that the nation will persevere and live to thrive again. As the tide falls, then rises anew, so will the English stand triumphant again atop the waves. As a final 21-gun salute roars out the dignity of our past, so shall it signal the majesty of our future. As a small portion of the British Empire falls into the dark, so must our resolve strengthen to see the world brought back into the light. Rule Britannia!
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Re: Fall 1901

Postby ColesD » 25 Jul 2016, 23:44

Disband the Dutch fleet.
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