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Rules - Game and GM

Postby EpicDim » 10 Jul 2016, 16:19

This games rules:

This will be a Standard Diplomacy game with each player receiving 2 random SCs (which are at least 4 spaces apart) to start. Nations can build in ANY open SC. Map will start with no units and a build phase (1900 Adjustments).

3-4 days for movement phases (4 days 16-17 players remaining, 3 days 2-15 players remaining)
2 days for retreats
2 days for adjustments

GM Rules (Heavily stolen and modified)

This is Diplomacy, so you should know how to write regular Diplomacy orders. It's up to you to make sure orders are accurate and complete. I won't parse them so if an order is ambiguous it will be ignored. If it's clear what they mean then no problem but if they're at all ambiguous they're invalid. Each unit must have an order for it to do something so an argument like "You could see from my convoy order what the army was supposed to be doing" will not hold any weight. The one exception to invalid orders is that if you use army or fleet designations and you pick the wrong one the order will still be valid since that designation is irrelevant to the order. Sets of orders must be complete. If you send one message with 5 units' orders and a subsequent message with only one unit ordered, only the one unit will be ordered. If two different orders are given for the same unit in the same set, then it will be considered ambiguous and neither will be executed.

If you spot an error in my adjudication please report it as soon as possible. Any error not reported before the next deadline may not be corrected. This includes map issues as well as adjudication issues of any kind.

If you ask a rules question then if it has an unambiguous answer I'll answer it; if it's something not clearly covered by the game rules I'll do my best, but in the light of argument from other players I might change my mind after the adjudication. If you think I'm wrong, I expect you to say so loudly and with clear reasons; if you do, I'll listen and consider the arguments (and allow an extension while it's sorted out). If a question is asked privately then it will be answered privately.

Deadlines will always be at 8pm Central US Time (including daylight savings changes). I'll send a PM when the results are posted with the next deadline in both Central time and GMT.

For phases longer than 1 day I'll send a reminder about 24 hours before the deadline (give or take a few hours) to those players who orders are expected from and have not yet submitted orders. This is because Civil Disorder can ruin a game. The reminder message is a courtesy and its absence is in no way an excuse for you not to get your orders in.

Speed deadlines: Once I have orders from all players I will process them as soon as possible, unless they are marked to be held. ('Provisional' or 'Wait' or some similar designation is fine). I encourage provisional orders where appropriate to reduce the risk of Civil Disorder and I don't mind how often you change them. I will only use the last set I receive. But if you do send in provisional orders please let me know once you're happy to finalize them. I may write to check if yours are the only orders waiting to be finalized, but if I do, then this is a reminder not a hassle. Don't feel pressured into finalizing before you're ready.

Requests for extensions: If I receive a request for an extension I will put it up for a vote and must have more players voting yes than voting no to approve it. Each player may only request one extension per phase.

Please note: if you want a substitute while you're away it's your job to find one.

Grace periods: If you miss a deadline I will start harassing you and you will have 24 hours to turn in orders. During the grace period orders can still be changed by anyone but can be adjudicated as soon as all players have submitted even if they are marked as provisional. Grace periods are intended to give players a little extra time for emergencies, missing the deadline even when getting orders in by the grace period still counts as a "missed deadline". They are not intended to continually make the deadlines longer.

Forced Replacement: If you miss the deadline in one of the following situations you will be replaced and the game will hold until a replacement is found. 1) No moves are received after the grace period for a first year movement phase, 2) No moves are received at the deadline for two movement phases in a row, 3) No moves are received at the deadline for three total movement phases during the game.

I will aim to process the orders at the deadline though there may be exceptions. If you get orders in late but before I begin you'll get away with it. Once I start adjudicating it's too late to change orders.

Errors in adjudication are possible. Check the adjudication and map after orders to make sure everything is right. Any error not reported by the next deadline will stand. If there is a difference between the adjudication and the map that is not noticed by the deadline, the map will take precedence.

Draws: I accept secret or public draw requests. Once received I will message all remaining players with the draw request without indicating who called for the draw. For a draw to pass it will require an unanimous Yes vote from all remaining players. For a vote to count it must be sent to the GM only and be your first vote on the proposal. The proposer is NOT assumed to have voted yes (unlike extension requests). It will remain valid for one game year or until a single No vote occurs. If it passes I will send it out immediately. If it fails it will be sent out with the results for the following season to avoid timing of who voted it down.

The GM's decision is final.
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