Fall 2AD Retreats

A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)

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Fall 2AD Retreats

Postby marsman57 » 05 Jul 2016, 22:16

None apply (yet), but I did receive some provisional retreats. No map as no changes are applied. See Fall 2AD Orders map.

Rome (red) - nanooktheeskimo - TT Points: 5
F PUN retreats to Sad

Carthage (blue) - I Love Italy - TT Points: 2

Greece (green) - Aeschines - TT Points: 5

Persia (gray) - ferdy0 - TT Points: 5
sip - arm
che - arm
tye - sid

Egypt (yellow) - EpicDim - TT Points: 6
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