How do map updates work?

A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)

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How do map updates work?

Postby marsman57 » 13 Jun 2016, 17:56

This is my current plan for updating each phase. I may modify it if any aspect does not work out over time.

First, I will go back to the oldest map set with an order change. I will modify the adjudication as necessary based upon this change. The first post of the topic will be edited to show the new orders and map. Any changes applied to the phase will be bolded for clarity. The original orders and map will still be in the post, but they will be placed below the new post it in a spoiler tag that will mark states that have been superceded.

After all old phases have been modified, I will post the adjudication for the current phase in a new topic. Below the actual adjudication for the current phase, I will note what the time travel orders were (if any), which phases were affected by the change (if any), and everyone's new Time Travel point totals. If the map changes were minor, I will detail how things changed. In the case of sweeping changes, I will refer players to check the relevant maps and only note general areas where things are significantly different.

If there are any adjudication errors with old phases changed by time travel orders, please either PM me or post about it in the CURRENT phase. Please note the oldest phase affected by the mistake in the message if you know which one it is. The main takeaway is to keep discussion in the present so that it is less confusing for those who might have the same questions or concerns to find the proper topic to discuss it.

I would prefer that any public diplomacy also take place in the CURRENT phase. The exception would be lingering discussion from a prior phase that is still going on when a newer one is posted subsequently.
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