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PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017, 20:17
by Morg
The game has ended in a draw shared by Carthage, Rome, Persia

This is a spot for you to talk about the game, the strategy behind it, any frustrations or particularly fun things that happened.

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PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017, 20:48
by condude1
Sooo, was anything not a frustration that game? I screwed up so many times, that in the end I just didn't want to accidentally hand Persia a solo. That being said, for a long time I found the game really interesting, until the final three situation came around. That was a screw up on my part, and painful to play through.

It was my first time on an AncMed map, so I looked for a power that could pick up centers in relative safety. Like the normal game's France/Turkey. Carthage was the obvious pick. I won it through a lucky coin toss. Good start! I used my first few seismics to connect neutral SCs to my own, allowing me to grow quickly. Egypt and I hit it off, and a wonderful alliance began. I stab Rome in relatively short order.

Ghastly Mistake #1: I let Rome live. Why, oh why did I do that? Just finish off the bugger! More centers, and a nice wall of blue, rather than an orange tumour in the middle of it.

I switch to Greece, and beat him up with the help of E/R. Then Egypt stabs me, which I expected. It was a terrible stab, and given that I'd anticipated it, it ended up losing him a center in the same year he stabbed me (due to a nifty seismic on my part)! With G/R's seismics in my back pocket, I beat Egypt pretty handily, and convince Persia to join me in the assault. At some point here, I clean up Greece.

Greece eliminated

Egypt messages me, offering to kingmake. I accept.

Ghastly Mistake #2: I didn't trust Egypt again, even after he showed he actually wanted this. I expected it was a trick to make me get my guard down. I completely misjudged how valuable he was to me.
Ghastly Mistake #3: I gave Egypt a seismic order to submit, and only gave half of it. It's a misorder, which means Cherso doesn't fall in the season I attack.

Finally I make the stab I'd set up for so long, and screw it up. I completely missed Rome's defense of Neapoli. Great, I'm at 17, and my only ally's dead. 1 seismic vs. 2, here we go!

Ghastly Mistake #4: I eliminate Egypt. This is pure paranoia, but I thought the game would be over, guaranteed. Defending units don't need to cower! They can fight back! Stupid Condude.

Egypt eliminated

Years of fighting continue, with me making headway, and losing every 50/50. Finally, I come up with a brilliant gambit that I'm actually still proud of. One of my few good moments this game.

Good play #1: I gambit Leptis. Had I followed up in the manner I'd intended, I would have soloed, even after all those bungles. I knew I could retake it in the Fall, and I get the defender of Neapoli off-side, allowing my attack on Rome.
Ghastly Mistake #5: I decide not to seismic Rome apart from its defender, deciding instead that the enemies were sure to attempt to attack Alexandria. Genius.

And from there on I was just too slow. In the end, things just unraveled.

I'd love to hear from the others, and I can expand on any given part if people want.

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PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017, 20:50
by condude1
Also, a potential improvement to the game. Make the seismics a function of your size. As it is, soloing is extremely difficult, because 2 players can easily overwhelm a larger player.

Maybe have a power get SC/8 seismics every Fall, rounded up? I found that the seasonal seismics dragged on a bit as well.

BTW, thank you Morg for the game! I can't imagine how annoying it must have been to GM that for over a year. It was well run for how long it went on. Only recommendation for the future is adding a bit of flavour to the seasons. I was getting sooooo bored and lonely by the end.

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PostPosted: 12 Mar 2017, 14:54
by ThorondorNL
I remember an early alliance with Egypt, who then tricked me in doing a seismic order from which he benefitted and betrayed me with it for an alliance with Carthage. I didnt think about it before ordering it. Then I got stuck in a long war with Egypt and neither of us could progress because of the seismics. I did nothing for a large part of the game, just trying to survive the endless attacks from Egypt, supported by seismics from Carthage. I survived them and came out in a rather strong position. I wondered why Carthage let Rome and Greece alive, although my efforts to unite Rome and Greece and Egypt to fight against Carthage all failed. In the end Rome and I tried to stop Carthage and with some luck we managed to do it.

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PostPosted: 13 Mar 2017, 15:52
by VGhost
At this point... well, the end of the game was a slog. The beginning was kind of interesting, but I have much the same feeling about this as I do about regular Ancient Med: the part of the game I enjoy most is the early game, and there's little "early game" with only 5 players, even if there are a bunch of SCs to grab.

Gamewise I meant to roll with an alliance with Carthage through the end. There's no real easy attack path. I think Carthage made the first attack: on the other hand I probably sort of provoked it because my communication level was very low the whole game. I suspect the reason he let me live though was that I had been reliable to what I'd said I'd do and I grovel pretty well... and seismics make all-out assaults problematic.

I'm mostly glad it's done, and only moderately proud of somehow surviving the whole mess. I'm with condude1 in think the rules for # of seismics could use some reworking, but that should maybe be another thread. Although Persia and I didn't necessarily use it well, an ALA's going to have increased defender's advantage by having more than the leader no matter what with current rules.

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PostPosted: 23 Mar 2017, 00:50
by I Love Italy
Don't have much to say.

Early game started an alliance with Carthage and Greece. Planned on carrying it through to the end. Attacked Persia unsuccessfully. Kept up the stalemate until Greece supported Persia's seismic one season, but without first moving his units into a position to attack me. At first Carthage thought I'd made the order myself to have some reason to attack Greece, but Greece later fessed up in a three-way message, which really sealed his fate. I went a bit too into the attack against him, and Persia was able to start slipping through the cracks. Persia got me on board to stop Carthage from soloing, but I wasn't very involved in the game at this point. I hoped he'd stick with me, but when he understandably stabbed me, I just decided I would just try to throw the game to Carthage. It didn't work.

I'm not sure if this map works as well for seismic as the vanilla map. Too much water in the center.