Heptarchy: Fall 657 and Mercia Solo's

Game #11, yes 11. Created by Geoff Bache. GM'ed by Joe92

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Heptarchy: Fall 657 and Mercia Solo's

Postby joe92 » 11 Apr 2016, 20:04

Apologies for the delay in posting. I was in a meeting that went on a lot longer than expected.

Mercia has managed to secure a solo victory! Many congratulations to Guns of Brixton. Very well played and thank you for the updates on your thinking as the game was progressing. It was fun being able to get a bit of background information to the decisions being made.

Thank you to all the other players for a fun game! And to nanooktheeskimo for filling in a MIA player to keep the game rolling.

A retreat was needed from Liverpool but as it made no effect to the end game I auto retreated to the South Penines. A little Welsh stronghold behind enemy lines.

The final supply centre count was:
Mercia - 20
Scotland - 8
Wales - 6
Ireland - 2
Cornubia - 1
Northumbria - 1
Anglia - 0

heptarchy_657_fall_Mercia_solo.png (59.78 KiB) Viewed 458 times

Anglia - mr.universe

Cornubia - cesspitt
F Cornish Sea to Lyme Bay Bounced 1v1
F Plymouth to Exe Bounced 1v2
A bristol to Exmouth Bounced 1v1, Unit dislodged 1v2, No retreat available, Auto-disband

Ireland - IDontPlayThisGame
F Dublin Support Isle of Mann to Irish Sea Bounced 1v1
F Isle of Mann go to Irish Sea Bounced 1v1

Mercia - Guns of Brixton
Dogger - North Sea South
North Sea South -The Wash
English Channel - Cornish Sea Bounced 1v1
Somerset - Exeter
Southampton S Som - Exe
Exmoor - Plymouth Bounced 1v1
Lyme Bay S Exm - Ply Support cut
The Downs - Somerset
Severn - Bristol
Cotswolds S Sev - Bris
Gloucester - Gwent
Warwickshire - Birmingham
Peak District - Cheshire
Staffordshire S Pea - Che
Lancaster - Liverpool
Manchester S Lan - Liv
York - Lancaster

Northumbria - Britannialbion
NMR #2

Scotland - Hazbot
North Channel to Solway Firth
Hebridean Sea to North Channel
Belfast support Hebridean Sea to North Channel
North Sea North to Norwegian Sea
Cmb to Lan
NPe supports Cmb to Lan
Nmb to Durham Bounced 1v1

Wales - nanooktheeskimo
Lei S Colwyn Bay to Cardigan Bay
Colwyn Bay to Cardigan Bay
Sci S Cornish Sea H
Che to Shr
Liv H and pray Unit dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed (Auto-retreated to SPe)
Cdf S Bristol Channel to Sev
Bristol Channel to Sev


The final winter would have seen builds from:
Mercia - 3
Scotland - 1

And disbands from:
Cornubia - 1
Wales - 1
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