Heptarchy: Fall 654 and farewell to Anglia

Game #11, yes 11. Created by Geoff Bache. GM'ed by Joe92

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Heptarchy: Fall 654 and farewell to Anglia

Postby joe92 » 11 Mar 2016, 13:43

Fall is here and Anglia has been eliminated. You had a tough first year which you were never fully able to recover from but you kept playing right to the end. Farewell, and thank you!

I will need a retreat. Retreat needed from:
Scotland - 1

Retreat is due within 24 hours, or by 06:30 EST / 11:30 GMT Saturday 12th

heptarchy_654_fall.png (59.98 KiB) Viewed 557 times

Anglia - mr.universe
Dover holds, valiantly preparing for destruction Unit dislodged 1v2, No retreat available, Auto-disband

Cornubia - cesspitt
A The Downs to Oxford Bounced 1v2
A Sus to Dover Bounced 1v2
A Som to Bristol
F Stnto Lyme bay
F Portsmouth to The English Channel
F Sci hold

Ireland - IDontPlayThisGame
F Cork to Celtic Sea
F Cardigan Bay to Dyf
F Colwyn Bay support Morecombe Bay to Liverpool Support cut
F Morecombe Bay to Liverpool Bounced 1v2
F North Channel to Hebridean Sea Bounced 1v2

Mercia - Guns of Brixton
Cotswolds HOLD
Warwickshire - Oxford
Northamptonshire supports Warwickshire - Oxford
Staffordshire - Birmingham
London - Dover
Thames supports London - Dover
The Wash - North Sea Sth
Manchester supports Chester - Liverpool
S Pennines supports York HOLD
York supports The Wold - Durham
North Sea Sth - Straits of Dover

Northumbria - Britannialbion
A Lan - NPe Bounced 1v1
A The Wold - Dur

Scotland - Hazbot
Flanders F Holds
Highlands F to Hebridean Sea
Norwegian Sea F supports Highlands F to Hebridean Sea
Arg F to Glasgow Bounced 1v1
Str A to Glasgow Bounced 1v1
Dur A Holds Unit dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed
NPe A supports Dur A to Hold Support cut

Wales - nanooktheeskimo
North Atlantic Ocean to Heb
Bristol Channel S Sci to Celtic Sea Corresponding order does not match, changed to hold
Gwy H
Wre to Colwyn Bay Bounced 1v1
Che to Liv
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Re: Heptarchy: Fall 654 and farewell to Anglia

Postby Hazbot » 11 Mar 2016, 14:15

Retreat to Nmb
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Re: Heptarchy: Fall 654 and farewell to Anglia

Postby PyrrhusOfEpirus » 11 Mar 2016, 23:11

Thanks, Joe.
Good job to Cornubia/Mercia, and good luck to everyone.
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