Heptarchy: Fall 652

Game #11, yes 11. Created by Geoff Bache. GM'ed by Joe92

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Heptarchy: Fall 652

Postby joe92 » 18 Feb 2016, 17:05

A very surprising round. Agreements seem to have been broken and sides changed. And we have our first retreat of the game.

I need retreats from:
Northumbria - 1

I will need your retreat within 24 hours, or by 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT Friday 19th.

heptarchy_652_fall.png (59.63 KiB) Viewed 453 times

Anglia - mr.universe
Army London to the Downs
Army Sussex to Portsmouth Bounced 1v2
Army Oxford Support Army London to the Downs.

Cornubia - cesspitt
F Cornish Sea supports F Sci hold
F Sci Hold
A Cot to The Downs Bounced 1v2
A The downs to Portsmouth
A Stn s A The Downs to Portsmouth

Ireland - IDontPlayThisGame
F Celtic Sea move to Cardigan Bay
F Dublin support Celtic Sea to Cardigan Bay
F Irish Sea hold
F North Atlantic Ocean to Hebridean Sea
F Crk to Lei

Mercia - Guns of Brixton
SPennines to The Wold
Nottingham to Sheffield
Kings Lynn to Lincolnshire
Norwich to Cambridge
Gloucester holds
Ipswich holds

Northumbria - Britannialbion
A NPe - York Bounced 1v1, Dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed
A Lan - York Bounced 1v1
F Liv holds
A Man holds

Scotland - Hazbot
Flanders F Hold
Firth of Forth F supports Edi A to Nmb
Edi A to Nmb
Sup A to NPe
Dum A supports Sup A to NPe

Wales - Don Juan of Austria
Colwyn bay supports Liv to Morecambe bay Corresponding order does not match, changed to hold
Che hold
Pow to Gwy
Swa to Cardigan bay Illegal order, changed to hold
Bristol channel support Sci to Celyic sea Corresponding order does not match, changed to hold
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