Spring 2000

10 player map set in 1990's Europe. GM'ed by Pedros.

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Spring 2000

Postby Pedros » 31 Jan 2016, 17:05

And the only surprise is, nothing dislodged, no retreats, nothing destroyed! Otherwise the juggernauts roll on and the minnows feel the pressure. Although one or two misorders raise questions....

Orders for Fall 2000 are due by 1500 GMT (1000 EST) on Wednesday 3 February.

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Britain (locksmithvic)
Brittany move bord : Bounced 1-1
Norweigan sea move north atlantic : Bounced 1-1
English channel move irish sea : Resolved
London hold : Resolved

France (eliminated)

Spain (Intellectubility)
Marseilles hold : Resolved
Bordeaux to Auv : Bounced 1-2
Navarre to Bordeaux : Bounced
Mid Atlantic Ocean to North Atlantic Ocean : Bounced 1-1
Portugal to Mid Atlantic Ocean : Bounced
Madrid to Portugal : Bounced
Gibraltar hold : Resolved

Germany (Antigonos)
Fleet Norway Move to Lapland : Resolved
Fleet Sweden Move to Norway : Resolved 2-0
Fleet North Sea Support Fleet Sweden Move to Norway : Resolved
Fleet Denmark Support North Sea to Hold : Resolved
Army Ham Move to Ruhr : Resolved
Fleet Hol Move to Belgium : Resolved
Army Belgium Move to Picardy : Resolved
Army Lyon Move to Auv : Resolved 2-1
Army Paris Support Army Lyon Move to Auv : Resolved
Army Munich Move to Alsace : Resolved
Army Switzerland Hold : Resolved
Army Czech Hold : Resolved
Army Saxony Move to Munich : Resolved

Italy (asudevil)
ALX support EMS-CAI : Cut from Aswan
ESD-ASW : Bounced
LIB-TUN : Resolved
TYS-GOL : Resolved
MIL-PIE : Resolved
MON (I think its MON...its my fleet next to MARS) support MIL-PIE : Yes, Monaco Resolved
VEN-MIL : Resolved
NAP-TYS : Resolved
MOR-SAO : Resolved
HUN support AUS hold : Resolved
AUS hold : Resolved
SERB support HUN hold : Resolved

Poland (eliminated)

Ukraine (eliminated)

USSR (Aeschines)
Kiev - Podolia : Resolved
Krakow support Kiev - Podolia : Resolved
Moldovia support Kiev - Podolia : Resolved
CRP - Kiev : Resolved
Moscow - CRP : Resolved
Murmansk hold : Resolved
Latvia hold : Resolved
Volga - Khazastan : Resolved
Georgia - Ankara : Bounced 2-2
Armenia support Georgia - Ankara : Failed
Azer support Armenia to hold : Resolved
Rostov - Caucasus : Resolved
Don - Sev : Bounced 1-2

Turkey (ColesD)
A(Rumania)-Odessa : Resolved
F(Odessa)-Sevastopol : Resolved 2-1
F(West Black Sea) s F(Odessa)-Sevastopol : Resolved
F(East Black Sea) s A(Ankara) : Resolved
A(Ankara) Hold : Resolved
A(Adana) s A(Iran)-Iraq : X
A(Iran)-Iraq : X
F(Greece)-Istanbul : Resolved
F(Eastern Mediterranean)-Cairo : Resolved 2-1
A(Israel) s F(Eastern Mediterranean)-Cairo : Resolved

Egypt (gnaah)
A Aswan - Alexandria : Bounced
A Sinai - Cairo : Bounced 1-2
F Saudi-Arabia - Iraq : Bounced
F Perisan Gulf S Azerbaidjan - Iran : X
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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Re: Spring 2000

Postby ColesD » 31 Jan 2016, 22:17

Oh... bother. For those of you looking for an explanation, I had to hurriedly retype my orders after it didn't go through the first time. I'm sure I put Iraq-Iran the first time, but obviously not the second!
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