Spring 1994 : Off at last!

10 player map set in 1990's Europe. GM'ed by Pedros.

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Spring 1994 : Off at last!

Postby Pedros » 01 Nov 2015, 17:15

Apologies for the delay, which was due largely to the extension conciding with our annual move from the narrowboat where we live for seven months of the year back to our flat.

And before getting down to the orders, two GM points to note - first is to emphasise my house rule that I aim to process orders as soon after the deadline as possible, though it isn't always quick. But sometimes it is and I am tough on NMRs - a lot of GMs this time give a grace period for offenders, but my private reminder to those who haven't submitted gives you the grace period BEFORE the deadline.

Second is that I don't open orders until I'm ready to move on them, so if you have a question/comment/complaint/etc please make that clear in the Subject of the PM, otherwise I won't see it until it's too late.

Now to the orders, with the usual opening mix of grabs and bounces; which of those are serious and which planned will maybe come clearer as time goes by! Orders for Fall 1994 are due by 1530 GMT (1030 EDT, 2030 Pakistan) on Wednesday 4 November.

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Britain (sleepyjim)
Edi- N. Sea : Resolved
Lon- Eng Chnl : Resolved
Lvp- Irish Sea : Resolved
Gib- S. Atl : Resolved

France (haroonriaz)
A (Lyon) - Swi : Bounced 2-2
A (Mar) s A (Lyon) - Swi : Failed
A (Paris) - Auv : Resolved
F (Bor) - Navarra : Resolved

Spain (Intellectubility)
Madrid to Portugal : Resolved
Barcelona to Gulf of Lyon : Resolved
Seville hold : Resolved

Germany (Antigonos)
Fleet Ham Move to Hol : Resolved
Fleet Berlin Move to BHM : Resolved
Army Fra Move to Saxony : Resolved
Army Munich Move to Switzerland : Bounced 2-2

Italy (asudevil)
MIL support MUN-SWI : Failed
VEN-CRO : Resolved
ROM-VEN : Resolved
NAP-MAL : Resolved

Poland (ThorondorNL)
Gda-Lithuania : Resolved
Warsaw-Bielorussia : Resolved
Krakow-Podolia : Bounced 1-1

Ukraine (Ningi626)
A Sev MOVE Eastern Black Sea : Bounced 1-1
A Kiev MOVE Podolia : Bounced 1-1
A KHA MOVE Kiev : Bounced
A Odessa MOVE Romania : Resolved

USSR (Aeschines)
Mumansk-StP : Resolved
StP-Gulf of Bothnia : Resolved
Moscow-Central Russian Plateau : Resolved
Gorky-Moscow : Resolved
Rostov-Georgia : Resolved

Turkey (ColesD)
A(Istanbul)-Bulgaria : Resolved
F(Izmir)-Aegean Sea : Resolved
F(Ankara)-Eastern Black Sea : Bounced 1-1
A(Adana)-Armenia : Resolved

Egypt (gnaah)
F Alexandria - Eastern Sahara Desert : Resolved
F Cairo - Red Sea : Resolved
A Aswan - Cairo. : Resolved
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