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Game Abandonned

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2016, 03:59
by EpicDim
Due to the slow pace and general lack of player communication, the players and GM have decided to cancel this game.

Re: Game Abandonned

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2016, 20:34
by marsman57
I meant to reply to this but never really got around to it. Thanks for GMing this and all the work you put into it. I am sorry we failed you as players. I was a bit waylaid by real life concerns and didn't have a lot of time to put into the game. It felt like most of the other players were not willing to put in a strong effort to lead communications either so without me pushing them, nothing was happening. I would have kept playing if anyone else wanted to do so, but I decided I would not be the one to make that call to push everyone else to stay in if others had not wanted to. Obviously, that was the right call considering that it ended soon after.

I look forward to a 3rd game someday. I hope we can find a mix of rules from the first and second game that will keep the excitement level high while not disproportionately awarding players that can be online more than others.

My biggest complaint of Game 2 was that there were too many phases were not much was going on. My biggest suggestion relating to that would be to move most of the dynastic stuff (succession, clergy, titles, etc. back into a single phase) even if you keep proposal and acceptance as two phases. I also think you should run some more stats on birth rates in regards to the changes you made there. It really felt like it was taking more phases on average for nobles to get to childbearing age and that is a problem if you aren't consistently getting marriages in a timely manner as your people will just... die out. :)