Spring 441BC

Variant set in Ancient China created by Samy Elias. Includes unique rules for walls and fleets. GM'ed by Morg

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Spring 441BC

Postby Morg » 16 Oct 2015, 02:39

Spring is posted, Fall is here

I will need orders by 1800PST Sunday the 18th/0200GMT Monday the 19th

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Spring orders were:
Chu-Imago Dei
Rong MOVE Linhu
Yong MOVE Rong
Shaoliang MOVE Shang Bounced 2v4
Anyi SUPPORT Louyang to Tang
Xianyang MOVE Xizhou
Louyang MOVE Tang
Yiyang MOVE Louyang
Yangzai SUPPORT Yiyang to Louyang
Chen MOVE Cao
Song SUPPORT Chen to Cao
Cai MOVE Chen
Sishui HOLD
Huaiyang MOVE Songyang
Chang-hsia MOVE Yangyue
Yue SUPPORT Wu to hold

Han-Gavrilo Princip
Henei SUPPORT Yiyang > Louyang Support Cut, Dislodged 1v2, No Retreat Available, AutoDisbanded

F Diqui-Wei
F Lu S Jiuyi
A Libei S Lu
A Zhongmou-Henei
A Shang S Pingyang Support Cut
A Pingyang S Zhongmou-Henei
F Zheng H
F Wei-Zhongmou
F Daliang S Zheng
F Jiuyuan S Shang

F Yellow Sea S East China Sea H
F East China Sea S Jiuyi H
A Jiuyi Raise Fleet
F Korea Bay S F East China Sea H
A Donghai S Jiuyi H
A Hedong S Shang H
A Loufan S Hedong H
A Jinyang S A Shantang H
A Shantang S Pingyang H
F Bo Hai - Jiaodong
A Handan s A Shangtang H
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Re: Spring 441BC

Postby Gavrilo Princip » 16 Oct 2015, 02:45

Good game, everyone. Thanks for having me.

Zurn, despite our difference of opinion on the endgame, I think you have a very cool variant here. A little polishing here and there, I think, is all it needs, but I think it's worthy of the main site. Good luck on development and expansion.

I'm sure I'll cross swords with you all again in the future. Happy stabbing.

~Gavrilo Princip
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Re: Spring 441BC

Postby zurn » 16 Oct 2015, 04:08

Thanks Gavrilo. You made it clear you had no interest in a 4-way draw, which is the maximum I could offer you (really the maximum anyone could offer you), so I guess this is the way it goes.
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