Spring 444BC

Variant set in Ancient China created by Samy Elias. Includes unique rules for walls and fleets. GM'ed by Morg

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Spring 444BC

Postby Morg » 12 Sep 2015, 07:53

Spring is posted, Fall is here

I will need orders by 2300PST Monday the 14th/0700GMT Tuesday the 15th

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Spring Orders were:
F Jiuyuan - Shang Bounced 2v2
A Yong RAISE to fleet

Chu-Imago Dei
Nanzheng MOVE Yong Bounced 2v2
Quren SUPPORT Nanzheng to Yong
Hanchung HOLD
Danyang SUPPORT Hanchung to hold
Ying MOVE Yelang
Chang-hsia MOVE Songyang
Wu SUPPORT Lu to Jiuyi Support Cut
Huaiyang MOVE Xu
Cai SUPPORT Huaiyang to Xu
Chen MOVE Yangzhai Bounced 1v1
Song MOVE Sishui

Han-Gavrilo Princip
Yiyang MOVE Louyang
Yangzhai SUPPORT Yiyang > Louyang Support Cut
Xizhou SUPPORT Yiyang > Louyang
Anyi SUPPORT Yiyang > Louyang
Xianyang MOVE Yong Bounced 2v2

F Diqui-Linzi Bounced
A Pingyang S Zhongmou-Shantang
F Tang-Luoyang Boounced 2v3
A Libei S Lu-Jiuyi
F Linzi-Guangyang Bounced 1v1
A Zheng S Tang-Luoyang
A Wei-Ye Bounced 1v1
F Shang H
F Lu-Jiuyi Bounced 2v2
A Zhongmou-Shantang

F East China Sea - Wu Bounced 2v2
F Juiyi S F East China Sea - Wu Support Cut
A Donghai S F Juiyi H
F Jiadong - Linzi Bounced 1v1
A Ji - Guangyan Bounced 1v1
A Yuyang raise Fleet
A Liaoxi raise Fleet
A Zhongshang - Juyongguan
A Taiyuan - Yanmen
A Jinyang - Shantang Bounce 1v2
A Handan - Ye Bounced 1v1
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