Fall 446BC

Variant set in Ancient China created by Samy Elias. Includes unique rules for walls and fleets. GM'ed by Morg

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Fall 446BC

Postby Morg » 23 Aug 2015, 20:01

Fall is posted, Retreats are here

I will need retreats by 1200PST/2000GMT Tuesday the 25th

I will need retreats from:

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Fall orders were:
Retreats Needed from Xianyang, Quren, & Nanzheng

Chu-Imago Dei
Shu MOVE Nanzheng
Ba SUPPORT Shu to Nanzheng
Shangyong MOVE Quren
Hanchung SUPPORT Shangyong to Quren
Danyang SUPPORT Hanchung to hold
Huaiyang SUPPORT Danyang to hold
Cai MOVE Shouchun
Wu MOVE East China Sea Bounced 1v2

Han-Gavrilo Princip
Xizhou MOVE Xianyang
Anyi SUPPORT Xizhou > Xianyang
Yiyang MOVE Louyang
Xu MOVE Chen

A Libei S Jiuyi-Donghai
A Jiuyi-Donghai
A Lu-Jiuyi
A Ye S Diqui
F Diqui H
A Shantang S Handan
A Pingyang-Shaoliang
A Tang-Pingyang
A Zhongmou S Tang-Pingyang

F Korea Bay - East China Sea
F Yellow Sea S F Korea Bay - East China Sea
A Guangyuang S F Linzi H
F Linzi H
A Shanggu - Dai
A Zhongshan S A Shanggu - Dai
A Taiyuan S A Julu - Handan
A Julu - Handan Bounced 2v2

Army Handan hold
Army Yanmen move Dai Bounced 1v2
Army Loufan move Jiuyuan
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