The Republic of the United States of America

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The Republic of the United States of America

Postby I Love Italy » 14 Mar 2015, 02:34

Dear World Leaders,

The United States of America is happy to open it's official World Offices. Please contact us anytime, either with publicly positing of documents, or by sending a private letter to our offices. This space will be changed as the government of our great nation sees fit.

National Data:
President: Abraham Lincoln
Congressional Majority Party: Republican (House and Senate)
Speaker of the House: Schuyler Colfax


Coal: 6
Iron: 18
Lumber: 11
Agriculture: 38
Population: 305
Wealth: 490

Industrial Investment:
Level 2

14 Infantry
4 Light Infantry
3 Heavy Cavalry
3 Light Cavalry
4 Heavy Artillery
4 Light Artillery

2 Medium First Rate
4 Frigates
6 Sloops and Brigs
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