The Tsardom of Russia

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Re: The Tsardom of Russia

Postby ferdy0 » 03 Apr 2015, 15:38

GeneralShmuel wrote:So I'm away from home for a week or more. I'm in a place where WiFi isn't a certainty, meaning I'll be online but rather sporadically. Please don't attack me until I get back to wifi stability.

what about the chances of bombs going off? have fun! ;)

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Re: The Tsardom of Russia

Postby GeneralShmuel » 11 May 2015, 00:58

The tsar Something II, of whom this scribe has most definitely forgotten his name, has decided that he can no longer govern his country as at some point in the near 140 years a certain someone has to work for 23 exams known as GCSEs.
This is my official resignation until next month or maybe more. I had great fun playing guys, I really loved this game and it brings back fond memories that I will treasure.

Wait, I'll probably see you all in a month.

well duck.
I mean. FUCK.
see you soon
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