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World Influence Spring 2020

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2015, 23:40
by asudevil
We start our second decade with a first for our GM...a unit with 5 supports is over-ran and auto well as the first order phase with all orders in provisionals...AND time to run them. Its also the first unit lost by the Revolution. Is this a sign of more to come, or a singular anomaly.

Unfortunately in this season of firsts...we also see a last. The last Iranian unit has been disbanded and unless UK leaves the territory, nanook will be leaving us. Thanks for coming in...3rd ruler of a fine did all you could.

We have retreats due from Egypt/S.Africa and Australia....only one of the retreats even has a lets go quickly

Lets get these in ASAP, but no later than 6/8 noon GMT 7am EST

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A WSH - move – MT----Bounced (1v1)
A ARI - move – COL----Resolved
A LA - support - ARI-COL----Resolved
A CAR - move – NEB----Bounced (2v2)
A HOU - support - CAR-NEB----Resolved
A MON - move - CHU----Resolved
A MIA - move - NEN----Resolved
F SEC - convoy - MIA-NEN----Resolved
F NEC - convoy - MIA-NEN----Resolved
F SAR - support - NEC-hold----Resolved
F CAP - support - WSH-hold----Resolved
F GOA - move – NCP----Bounced
F NEP - move – NCP----Bounced
F ECP - move – CPO----Bounced
F TAH - move – CPO----Bounced
F TAS - move - AUK----Resolved
F CHR - move - ROS----Resolved
F SWP - hold----Resolved
F PEB - move - CHB----Resolved
F AMU - move – WED----Bounced (1v1)
F ENA – hold----DISLODGED (5v6) AUTO DISBAND…that’s a first…power of 5…just not enough
F WSA - support - ENA-hold----Resolved
F ALA (ec) - move - MIA----Resolved
F GUY - move - FRG----Resolved
F PR - move - ANT----Resolved
F GOH - move - ECB----Resolved
F FOR - move - MSA----Resolved
A MAG - move – PAT----Bounced (1v1)
A GRA - move – BUE----Resolved (2v1)
A URU - support - GRA-BUE----Resolved
A PTO - hold----Resolved
A BAH - move - RIO----Resolved
A BLM - move - GUY----Resolved
A CUI - move - LPZ----Resolved


OHI sup WDC-NYC----Resolved
CHI-CAR----Bounced (1v1)
MT-NEB----Bounced (2v2)
MPL sup MT-NEB----Resolved
NWF-ENA----Resolved (6v5)
GSL sup NWF-ENA----Resolved
AZO sup NWF-ENA----Resolved
NAT sup NWF-ENA----Resolved
POR sup NWF-ENA----Resolved
STG sup NWF-ENA----Resolved
WMD sup ALG Hold----Resolved
ALG sup TUN Hold----Cut
TUN sup ALG Hold----Resolved
BAR Hold----Resolved
KRS Hold----Resolved
AKT-ASH----Resolved (2v1)
AKM sup MOS-AKT----Resolved


F Mor Move Alg----Bounced (2v3)
A Aha Support Mor Move Alg----Resolved
A Bam Support Aha to Hold----Resolved
A Mau Move Mor----Bounced
F Dak Support ENA to Hold----Resolved
A Gui Support Bam to Hold----Resolved
F CPV Support ENA to Hold----Resolved
F ESA Support ENA to Hold----Resolved
F Ivo Support ESA to Hold----Resolved


Fleet GOB Hold----Resolved
Fleet Baltic Move to HAM----Resolved
Fleet North Sea Move to NWG----Resolved
Fleet English Channel Support Fleet BRE Move to BOB----Resolved
Army PAR Hold----Resolved
Army PIE Support Army MAR to Hold----Resolved
Army MAR Support Army PIE to Hold----Resolved
Army SWI Support Fleet MIL to Hold----Resolved
Fleet MIL Support Army BUD to Hold----Resolved
Army AUS Support Army BUD to Hold----Resolved
Army SIL Support Army BUD to Hold----Resolved
Army BUD Support Fleet MIL to Hold----Resolved
Army EST Move to STP----Resolved
Army LVI Support Army KIE to Hold----Resolved
Army KIE Support Army VOL to Hold----Resolved
Army BLR Support Army VOL to Hold----Resolved
Army MOS Move to AKT----Resolved
Army VOL Support Army MOS Move to AKT----Resolved
Army OMS Support Army AKM to Hold----Resolved




A CAM-LUA----Bounced (2v2)
F ANB convoy CAM-LUA----Resolved
F LAG support ANB to hold----Resolved
A KIN support CAM-LUA----Resolved
A KIS-UGA----Resolved
A BAN support KHA to hold----Resolved
A CHA support KHA to hold----Resolved
A KHA support KIS-UGA----Cut
A TRI-LIB----Resolved


F Wed S F Bue – PAT----Cut
F FLK – WED----Um…moved into your own guy…Bounced
F CAP - SAT----Resolved
A WND – LUA----Bounced (2v2)
A ZAM S A WND – LUA----Resolved
F MZB - TAN----Resolved
F SOM - NAI----Resolved (2v1)
F SOB S F SOM - NAI----Resolved
F MDS S F SIO - MZB----Resolved
F SIO - MZB----Resolved


ROM – TYR----Bounced
ADR H----Resolved
NAP H----Resolved
SIC – TYR----Bounced
ION – SIR----Resolved
CRE – EMD----Bounced (1v1)
IST - CYP----Resolved
TEL - SIN----Resolved
RED S TEL - SIN----Resolved
GAB H----Resolved
OMA H----Resolved
PER - RIY----Resolved
BAG H----Resolved
KHU S TEH H----Resolved
ARM S TEH H----Resolved
BLA S RUM H----Resolved
RUM S SER H----Resolved
SER S RUM H----Resolved
TEH S AFG – ASH----Does not correspond


Sit on a spinning chair waving forlornly to the many, many surrounding forces. (Hold)…DISLODGED (1v2) AUTO DISBAND


SHI hold----Resolved
AFG S SHI hold----Resolved
BLU S SHI hold----Resolved
KAS S AFG hold----Resolved
THR S KAS hold----Resolved
ISL S KAS hold----Resolved
NPL S DHA hold----Resolved
DHA hold----Resolved
ARA hold----Resolved
BOM S ARA hold----Resolved
NEI S MLD – CIO----Resolved
MLD - CIO----Bounced
CIO – SEI----Bounced (1v2)
NAB - ARF----Resolved (2v1)
JAK - NAB----Resolved
JAV S NAB - ARF----Resolved
SNG S JAV hold----Resolved
KUA - BNK (ec)----Resolved
NTU - BRU----Bounced (1v1)
BOR S NTU - BRU----Cut


A Alm S A Uzb H----Resolved
A Bao H----Resolved
A Cho S A Tib H----Resolved
A Gob H----Resolved
A HK H----Resolved
A Irk S A Srd H----Resolved
A Nay H----Resolved
A Qng S A Alm H----Resolved
A Sib S A Anc H----Resolved
A Srd S A Alm H----Resolved
A Tib H----Resolved
A Uzb S A Akt (UK) -> Ash----Resolved
A Yun H----Resolved
F BRG S A Anc H----Resolved
F Cam S F SPH -> SCS----Resolved
F Gua S F NPH -> PAL----Resolved
F Man -> Min----Bounced (1v1)
F NPH -> PAL----Resolved
F OKH -> WCP----Bounced
F Oki S F Tai -> SPH----Resolved
F Sak -> OKH----Resolved
F SCN S F SPH -> SCS----Resolved
F SPH -> SCS----Resolved
F Tai -> SPH----Resolved
F WCP -> MIC----Bounced (1v1)
F YEL -> NPH----Resolved


and support vnc to hold----Resolved
vnc support anc to hold----Resolved


F BRU- support F SCS-Hold----Cut
F MIN-Hold----Resolved
A PER-DRW----Resolved
F GAB- support F SEI-Hold----Resolved
F SEI- support F GAB-Hold----Cut
F NG-MIC----Bounced (1v1)

Re: World Influence Spring 2020

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2015, 23:11
by asudevil
Egypt NMR's his retreat causing a disband.

S.Africa retreats to SWA

Australia retreats to SMR and PER

Fall orders are due 6/12 11:59pm GMT, 7pm EST

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Re: World Influence Spring 2020

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2015, 23:20
by Aeschines
What happened to the Australian fleet in PAL?

Re: World Influence Spring 2020

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2015, 23:22
by asudevil
Aeschines wrote:What happened to the Australian fleet in PAL?

He didn't retreat it...its disbanded