Al-Andalus GM Rules

Game with 5 'countries' plus 3 advisors able to work for any nation. Devised by lordelindel and GMd by asudevil. Winner Zarazoga {pjkon)

Al-Andalus GM Rules

Postby asudevil » 16 Nov 2014, 22:18

We have already started, but here are my basic rules

We are running a 4/2/2 game. I will go with speed deadlines though, so if you all get me orders in early for anything (especially build/retreat), I will process when I have them all.

I generally am able to send out a reminder email with 24 hours to go. I frequently can get another one out with somewhere 6-10 hours to go. I hope I dont bother you with these messages, but in the games I have GM'd I have only had a couple NMR's so far. I figure I would rather bug you often than have you miss a deadline. Also, if you send in provisional orders early, I will never have to send you out the reminder emails.

I will also run speed deadlines for any other season where all orders are in early. If you do not want me to use yours as speed deadlines, put "Provisional" in the message, so I know that. I will treat all build/retreats as finalized unless you specifically say that they are not. You can change your orders any time up until I post results. Sometimes I will be a little late in adjudication (I work and have a wife/kid), so you can even change/place orders after the deadline as long as I have not posted results.

GM reserves the right to process orders up to 2 hours before the deadline based on his personal life timing even if all orders are not finalized. He won't process early if he is missing orders.

If you NMR for the first season I will remove you (If you cant make a 6 day turn, you wont make any)

If you NMR 2 turns I will remove you. I could build/retreats as 1/2 NMRs

Please dont NMR, if you need out, let me know so I can try to find a sub.

We dont have any subs yet, but I will try to get a list of them, so that I wont slow up the game in case someone does quit.

Please send me orders with the following in the subject line. "Al-Andalus Spring 01 (or whatever) Zaragoza (or whatever)". Those can go in any order, but I really need all three things, just so I can make sure I got all my orders, when they are, and keep them separate from my other forum games.

This is a build in original SC only map.

Also, all draws must be made either on the most recent thread, or PM'd to me. They can not be proposed until after the 5th build season. They do not have to include all survivors, but they must be accepted unanimously.

With the Wazir and Wazir-General rules being new, there is a strong probability something odd will happen. If it does, I will either make an executive decision, or I may PM the players and get opinions. HOWEVER, the biggest thing is I am the GM of this game. My decisions are final. I will be fair, and I will have to ask you to trust me and my decisions. I will do my best to follow the "spirit" of the rules.

Any questions let me know either via PM or posting on any current thread.
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