Back to an old hobby

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Back to an old hobby

Postby McWigs » 16 Jun 2019, 11:46

Hi all!

Not too long ago, my folks moved, and required me to clear out a room of stuff: some old textbooks, clothes, games, etc. I found my copy of Diplomacy, nice and worn and complete, and I took it out to my place. Naturally, only a week or two later and my D&D group was taking a session off to play Diplomacy, most of them for the first time. And miraculously, that didn't ruin our campaign, but it did remind me of the hobby.

Way back in time, my social sciences teacher way back at the start of high school introduced me to the game, and I played all through high school, probably every day for two or three years, and tried to keep my cohort of friends playing online in early college, but we all fell for the usual pitfalls of growing apart and putting our hobbies second to our studies.

We actually played here on Play Diplomacy, around a decade ago, and I lurked and occasionally posted (probably some young, misguided, annoying crap) on the forums somewhat regularly. I dunno how many people from 2008-9 still hang around or play, but I had an account called The Leader back then. And if you see this, I hope you're well! I'm pretty sure that the old account is tied to an email that no longer exists, but I'm looking for a new start on the site anyways, since I was just a teen for the last time I was around. If memory serves, I did a couple of cool things with the regulars on the forums back then - I was in the very first game of world dip and took over playing Argentina after someone NMR'ed and lost their spot, and pretty swiftly died because of that. I played a few gunboat games and invitationals with a lot of the early crowd, I think I even played a time or two with Avalanche.

It's pretty awesome to see how the site has grown, and I'm excited to try out all of the new looks and features, and maybe show up occasionally around the forums, and I'd love to get back into a few games. If anyone from back then is still around and wants to play, please PM me! And if we haven't met yet, I hope it can be as allies ;) :? :twisted:

Cheers under a new name,
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Re: Back to an old hobby

Postby StarkAdder » 16 Jun 2019, 14:09

Welcome back, Leader McWigs. Great backstory.

I was not around on this site in 2009 but I can attest to how much fun it is to engage in all the current variants and options available at PlayDiplomacy and related sites (I also recommend Discord, not only for Diplomacy games but also if you want to resurrect your D&D addiction). I, too, was a gaming and D2 addict as a teen and at university, until life got in the way. I don't roll multi-sided dice very often any more, or break out the wooden pieces and old Europe maps for a live game, but this site lets me relive my youth and meet interesting new people all the time.

And you can even try again to win as Argentina in the newly-added War in the Americas variant!

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Re: Back to an old hobby

Postby TheCraw » 27 Jun 2019, 21:44

Howdy The Leader/McWigs!

Yes, I am from 2008, (We still have rotary-dial phones here!)

Found your old account:
It's still active, but I PM'ed SuperDipsy to let him know it should be closed, so the two accounts don't set off any alarms.
Very clever, Mr. Smart...
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