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Re: WTF??

Postby AKFD » 20 Oct 2018, 17:29

super_dipsy wrote:Sorry about that, players here tend to be very loyal and fiercely defensive of the site :D (I love them all! ;) )

It is a good point. We sometimes forget new players. For future reference, everything to do with games comes about from the Games tab on the Home Page. This is where you went to Join the game, and is also where you Create games, see your Active games, see you Pending games and your Finished ones. The 'Pending' categoty may seem a bit odd - basically when a game is full we ask all apleyrs to confirm they are still interested, and until this is done your game stays in the Pending list. As soon as it starts, it goes in your active list.

Some of the interface is very old, and frankly could do better. I had thought there was a hotlink in all the emails to the game in question. It sounds to me like there isn't one in the 'Game Started' one, and there should be to be honest, since it is the email that triggers a player to want to get into the game. I will go away and look at changing that. We always appreciate input to make the site better - that is one reason players are so proud of it, because they all helped make it what it is :D

I agree with all of what Dipsy said.

Excellent statement/s.
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Re: WTF??

Postby voidoid » 20 Oct 2018, 22:14

super_dipsy wrote:
Some of the interface is very old, and frankly could do better.

s_d - thanks for this site. I last played on Manus' Judges, so while you may think this is an old interface, it got me back to the game after nearly twenty years away and is vastly simpler than PBEM. Pass this along to everyone else who contributed.
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Re: WTF??

Postby Josey Wales » 20 Oct 2018, 23:45

WhiteManFromTown wrote:I've already said it was a post put up in a moment of frustration, but by all means, continue on. I know how fun it can be to engage in safe, anonymous online pile-ons.

Apologies, not meant as a pile-on. As SuperDipsy said above, feel free to make suggestions for site improvement, ways to have the User Experience enhanced or just general "You are GREAT Super!" comments. Welcome to PlayDip and hope to play you one day.
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