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Re: Hello from Maryland

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2018, 05:47
by JimHacker
DQ wrote:
von Falkenhayn wrote:Hello fellow Marylander! I live near Andrews Air Force Base, right outside DC in Prince George's county. If we have any more Diplomacy players in the area, I would love to play a F2F game. The first game I ever played was F2F and that was my only one ever. Would love another live game.

Hello Marylander! I am a recent transplant from MD to VA - kicked around the beltway about to Falls Church.

There is a thriving (20-years+) Washington DC face to face hobby, the Potomac Tea and Knife Society. Games from Baltimore to the Rappahannock. or PM me for details! World Dip Con 30 is in October at the Connecticut Ave Hilton - you should come out and play!

I didn't make it to the World championship unfortunately. How did it go?

Re: Hello from Maryland

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2019, 22:21
by DQ
Been a while since I was on-site. All in all, I'd say it was a success! Find the PTKS for a house game on and I hope to stab you soon!

Re: Hello from Maryland

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2019, 11:03
by JimHacker
I haven't been on this site for quite a while. I had to drop out of a game or two and haven't given the hobby much attention of late.

FTF games I have found work out differently than online/postal/email games. It's hard to explain the difference but it's something I have noticed. I have only played a handful of FTF games, and several dozen games online/email over the years.