Congratulations goldarrow - PDES18 solo!

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Congratulations goldarrow - PDES18 solo!

Postby WHSeward » 02 Apr 2018, 18:44

A second PDES18 game is done, and we have our first soloist. With Austria no less.

140213. PDES18 1F

Nicely done.

*Tips hat*
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Re: Congratulations goldarrow - PDES18 solo!

Postby jimbobicus » 03 Apr 2018, 11:57

Well played goldarrow. Although looking through the order history, one has to question why the other countries never attempted to put their differences aside and confront the obvious solo threat. In the midgame it looked like either EGI or FGI had to form.

Did diplomatic relations just break down between the relevant countries?
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