Needing Help? Contact Us.

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Needing Help? Contact Us.

Postby rick.leeds » 02 Mar 2014, 13:26

If you require help of any kind, please look at the sections below and either post in the appropriate section of the Forum or send a Private Message to the SITE HELP! group for general and Forum help or to the Cheater-hunters group for possible cheating.

To send a Private Message (PM):
1. Open your User Control Panel (up there on the bottom line of the Forum banner).
2. Open the Private Messages tab.
3. Click on the group name you want (from the Groups list at the top right of your Compose Message box) and then click on ADD. This will add the group to your Recipients box.
4. Enter an appropriate subject in the Subject box.
5. Compose your message.
6. Click on SEND.
The message will go into your "Outbox" until it is opened by a member of the team, when it will move to your "Sent" box.

If you are reporting a possible bug or requesting an investigation into an ANONYMOUS game, please send a PM to the SITE HELP! group instead of posting on the Forum.

For technical problems...
If it's a possible BUG going to the Bugs Forum. Please read this post and this post first.
If it's a problem with your account, contact the SITE HELP! group.

For a Forum-related issue...
Check The Team page and see if there is a Sub-Forum Mod you can contact first. Just click on his/her name.
For general questions about the Forum contact the HELP! group.
For Play-by-Forum Diplomacy Variants, contact Pedros [Global Mod].
For Other Forum Games, contact asudevil [Global Mod]
For the Oldies Group, contact richkarna [Group Leader]
For the Students Group, contact mat.gopack [Group Leader]
For the Classicists Group, contact gareth66 [Group Leader, Global Mod]

For possible Cheating...
Post in the Cheaters Forum. Please read this post, this post and this post first.
If you would rather ask for it to be investigated less publicly, you can contact the Cheater-hunters group.
If you want to appeal a decision, contact rick.leeds [Admin]

For general questions about the site, contact the SITE HELP! group.

Please note that members may have a number of PMs to go through before yours and that everyone is voluntary and be patient if your message is not answered right away.

If you have a question...
... that isn't covered by anything above:
Questions about the Rules of Diplomacy can be asked in the Rules section.
Questions about the Site's Rules can be asked in the PlayDip Rules section. This is for questions related to how to use the site, not rules of the game.
Questions about how the Forum works can be asked in The Forum & Communicating section.
These questions are likely to be answered by members of the community just as quickly as by any member of the management team, if not more quickly.
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