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Postby jocuda » 30 Jan 2008, 01:32

Hi all

I'm John, 34, and I'm in NY outside the city. I've always been a big fan of strategy games, and Diplomacy is definitely one of the all time best. I've always admired how such a simple game can be so interesting - the game can go so many different directions, and none of them based on luck. I played in high school a few times with friends on photocopies of the map doing daily moves...didnt really 'get' the game back then, but I loved playing. I hadnt played in forever (its hard finding people to play) until the Paradox Interactive game came out a couple years ago...yes it sucked, but it renewed my interest in the game and was good practice at least. I didnt really know of any internet Dip games until a few weeks ago, and lo and behold I came across this site. Avalanche, thank you so much for building this, its exactly the kind of Diplomacy site I've been looking for. Its the perfect remedy for boring days at work!
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