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Postby Webster52402 » 10 Feb 2008, 19:34

Hello all. I am Webster52402, currently residing in a small town in Missouri named De Soto, though no one ever knows where that is. I am 18, fresh out of High School, and currently investing some time into securing a college degree. In what, I don't know yet, but I'll get a degree in something. :P

I am rather new to the Diplomacy board myself, but I have a long history in games where deception and the reading of other people came in very handy. Mainly murder mystery games and the like, of which I am a huge fan. I only recently discovered and got into Diplomacy thanks to a few friends of mine that started up a game and drafted me. My first game was as Italy, and ever since they have been my favorite Nation, if only for the sheer challenge in playing them.

Looking forward to playing with you all.
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