Hello, new player to the game

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Hello, new player to the game

Postby Malleovic » 31 Jul 2019, 21:36

Started my first-ever game last month (private game with some friends of friends) on PDO and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm based in Maryland, if someone is ever interested in doing a F2F game I might be able to join in. PM me!

Game is great fun, forums seem like a great place too.

Happy to be aboard.
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Re: Hello, new player to the game

Postby Phlegmatic » 01 Aug 2019, 00:18

Welcome Malleovic, and good luck in all your games! :D
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Re: Hello, new player to the game

Postby The SHIV » 01 Aug 2019, 00:29

Run now! Run away! Before its too late! :twisted:

I stopped by for a game or 2 a decade ago. Now its taken over my life! :? I drink vodka straight out the bottle every day and dream of convoys every night! If I can dream. Mostly I'm up studying the map, messaging friends and foes alike. It never ends! Somebody help me! :o

Jeeves! Run down to the cellar for another bottle. Its gonna be a long night!


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Re: Hello, new player to the game

Postby Tortellacci » 01 Aug 2019, 02:07

Welcome and good luck with your games!

My high school history teacher introduced this game to me. Ever since my first F2F game I've been hooked! :D

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Re: Hello, new player to the game

Postby asudevil » 01 Aug 2019, 03:28

There’s a tournament in DC called tempest in a teapot in October. You should check it out. Kimpossible on this site is one of the organizers
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Re: Hello, new player to the game

Postby TheCraw » 06 Sep 2019, 23:10

Hello and Welcome "Malleovic"

The best place to familiarize yourself with how to play Diplomacy via the website is the Rules/New Players section. I recommend reading through all the tabs, even if you know all about playing the board game, the website can be different, especially the variants.

Many of the most helpful bits of information for a new player are in the PlayDip Academy sub-forum. Where many of the links to rules, guidelines, mentored games and such can be found.

A vitally important page to look at is the House Rules Page Playing Diplomacy on the internet carries with it all sorts of pitfalls and ways for players to accidentally (or NOT accidentally) end up doing something that is not allowed.
(Like using more than one account, or teaming up with a friend to clean up in games.)

The best way to then get comfortable is to join a NON-ranked game. (Abominable failure is the best teacher!) We also have started having games involving 6 new players, and one "Seasoned Mentor" to help teach new players the proper methods of inserting sharp implements into each-other's backs. Details of this are here.

Once you have your sea-legs so to speak, look for games posted in the Games Forum, especially password games, it limits the players to those who are serious.

You might also look into signing up for a Premium Account. You may then engage in more than three games simultaneously, and participate in the numerous variations (Winter 1900, Build Anywhere, Fleet-in-Rome, Age Of Empires, Ancient Mediterranean, Milan-Italy, Chaos, Anonymous, Gunboat, Public Press Only, Fog-Of-War, et al). You would also enjoy the advantages of being able to participate in “Live Games”, Premium discussion boards and the “Premium Lounge” (wherein cookies and milk are thoughtfully provided) and the benefits of being provided with detailed statistics about one’s style of play.

All this, for the paltry sum of $25 a year. Y'can't beat that with a stick.

The Craw!

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