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Re: Questions

Postby cesspitt » 29 Aug 2014, 19:35

If we wish to ask a favour of another player do we PM then copying you in Rick or do we have to ask it on the thread?
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Re: Questions

Postby Bwlvych » 29 Aug 2014, 20:59

As I understand it we are free to discuss what we want, where we want. Then if a combined action is needed both players must PM rick to confirm.
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Re: Questions

Postby rick.leeds » 31 Aug 2014, 10:24

Sorry, I missed this.

You can discuss any aspect of the game with any other player in the game at any time. I don't need to know anything about this :lol:

All I need are orders which make it clear that you need to be given permission for something, such as passing through a controlled Location. If this is indicated, then I can then send a PM to the Faction permission is being sought from and, when it is confirmed - within the deadline - the orders go through.

On the subject of deadlines - they are becoming sloppily maintained by some players (apparently) and that means I am being sloppily nice in extending deadlines myself :|

I am going to stop allowing auto-extensions, I'm afraid, from the next turn in each game. If orders aren't in by the deadline, unless I've been asked to extend a deadline specifically, I will rule an NMR. This game's taking a fair amount of time to run from my side and, although I am enjoying doing it, I am getting weary of orders not being returned on time. Sorry.
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