Kingmaker WotR: Both Games Temporarily Paused

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Kingmaker WotR: Both Games Temporarily Paused

Postby rick.leeds » 18 Aug 2014, 08:09

I was unable to get onto the internet yesterday (Sunday 17th) and so I spent some time thinking about the way ahead with these games with regard to the rules of play... and almost completed a re-writing of the rules as a result!

There have been a few issues and I have to take some responsibility for these. When I originally produced the rules for the Forum I didn't have my paper rules for the game so I took them off a website which is, at least, semi-official (as I explained to somewhere recently the site has updates on the re-design of Kingmaker from the game creator). Unfortunately the rules there are even more confusing and disjointed than the paper rules, a copy of which I now have! When I was producing them, therefore, I was jumping all over the place trying to construct a more joined-up set of rules and a Forum-friendly set (as well as combining Basic, Optional, Advanced and others).

The result is that I missed a couple of things out:
1. In the "deal" (which the Rules I am going to put up call "assignment") of Crown (cards)Items, any item assigned MUST be used if possible. The only items that can be discarded are those that CAN'T be assigned to Nobles. I did not use this and allowed players the option to simply refuse to use an item if they wished.
2. I mis-represented the rules relating to ALLIANCES by not including all information (as well as missing some information out in other areas). Re: Alliances, orders can only be given for an Allied Noble or Fleet if they are in the same space as your own Noble/Fleet. This is an important rule and I am going to apply it. The other parts of the rules which I failed to make clear relate to entering cities/towns/castles - again, quite important! - and capturing Noble Heirs when they are unattended by Nobles - which isn't too much as a problem as it is actually EASIER to capture them within the Rules as I am going to apply them.

Now, I COULD have said that I had changed these, as I HAVE merged the different sets of rules and picked out the ones I feel make for a more interested game (as well as those that make PBF more manageable) and simply glossed over them. I think, however, that it is probably important with the rules associated with (2) above to be clarified... and this is what I am going to do.

As far as the games go, St Albans I MUST be paused: it is in a normal Orders Phase and the rules need altering before that Phase can process. Blore Heath will be paused only because I need to put the new rules up before continuing. Those of you who are watching or participating in Blore Heath will now see that the latest EVENT drawn means we are entering a Parliament Phase so the board (now I have corrected it :oops: ) doesn't have to change and no Movement/Combat orders are required. I will, for Blore Heath, move on immediately after I have put the new Rules up, which won't affect the previous rules for Parliament.

I will, therefore, change the deadline for St Albans I, renewing the Orders deadline and adding a day to it to allow all players in that game to read the updated rules. I will not do this for Blore Heath as the rules can probably be read during the length of the Parliament.

I apologise for this and will accept your wrath and righteous indignation. I don't think there is any mileage in re-starting these games - apart from the couple of errors producing the maps (an extra fleet managing to find it's way in land and moving the wrong Noble) the rules haven't made a big difference to any players orders with the exception of the current orders phase for St Albans I.
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Re: Kingmaker WotR: Both Games Temporarily Paused

Postby franzjosefi » 18 Aug 2014, 16:05

<Sniff> A delay in the Kingmaker game to sort out the rules. Ahh, this takes me back to my more glorious college days. Yo Rick, pass me the doobie while you are reading the book…
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