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Spring 1753

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2014, 18:55
by VaeVictis
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Austria (haroonriaz):
A (Vie) s A (Bud) H
A (Bud) s A (Vie) H [Support cut, dislodged by A Tra, 2v3][Retreat needed]
A (Tri) s A (Ven) H
A (Ven) s A (Tri) H

Bavaria (KingSolomon9):
[Eliminated 1751]

Britain-Hanover (McGiles, 1741-47; JonathanSwaim, 1748-49):
[Eliminated 1749]

Denmark-Norway (bindlestiff):
[Eliminated 1746]

France (Bob.Durf):
[Eliminated 1743]

Naples-Sicily (glacier777):
[Eliminated 1748]

Netherlands (mambam14):
[Eliminated 1745]

Prussia (Antigonos):
[Eliminated 1744]

Russia (Alupi):
F Eas hold
F Aeg support Con hold
A Con support Bos hold
A War support Gal hold
A Poz support Gal hold
A Vol support Gal hold
A Gal support Tra move Bud
A Bos support Tra move Bud
A Tra move Bud
F WBa support Poz hold
F Jut support Nth hold
F Nth support Jut Hold
F Nrg support Nth hold
F Arc hold
F Ice hold
F Ska support Jut hold

Sardinia (Palin):
[Eliminated 1744]

Saxony-Poland (Stanislaw):
A Boh support Brs to hold
A Lus support Ber to hold
A Bra support Mec to to hold
F Mst support Han to hold
A Han support Mec to hold
A Wrz-Upa
A Wur-Tyr
A Swi support Ven to to hold
A Bur-Gas [Bounced, 2v2]
A Par support Bur-Gas [Support order fails]
A Str-Bur [Bounced]
A Art-LaR [Bounced, 1v1]
A ANe-Rot [Bounced]
F Wad-Rot [Bounced]

Spain (Shibabalo):
Provence support Turin holding.
Turin hold.
CaL move Gascony. [Bounced, 2v2]
Marseilles support CaL to Gascony. [Support order fails]
La Rochelle support CaL to Gascony. [Support cut by A Art]
Madrid move Catalonia.
Papal States move Venice. [Bounced, 3v3]
Milan support Papal States to Venice. [Support order fails]
Adriatic Sea support Papal States to Venice. [Support order fails]
Tyn support Ionian holding.
Ionian hold.
Edinburgh support North Atlantic holding.
irish Sea support North Atlantic holding.
Atlantic support North Atlantic holding.
London move North Sea. [Bounced, 2v3]
North Atlantic support London to North Sea. [Support order fails]
Portugal move CaL. [Bounced]

Sweden (Pharaoh of nerds):
[Eliminated 1742]

Turkey (Ecallaw):
[Eliminated 1750]

I need one retreat from Austria in Budapest (Bud). Spring 1753 Retreat Orders are due 24 hours from now on Saturday, December 20th 11:00am GMT-6 (CST), 5:00pm GMT

Spring 1753 Retreats

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2014, 22:52
by VaeVictis
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Austria (haroonriaz):
A (Budapest) R Croatia

Fall 1753 Orders are due on Tuesday, December 23rd 5:00pm GMT-6 (CST), 11:00pm GMT