Fall 1751

14-player game set at the beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession; numerous special rules. Created and GMd by VaeVictus. 3-way draw between Russia (Alupi), Saxony-Poland (Stanislaw) and Spain (Shibabalo)

Fall 1751

Postby VaeVictis » 02 Dec 2014, 23:53

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Austria (haroonriaz):
A (Vie) s A (Bud) H
A (Bud) s A (Vie) H
A (Tri) s A (Vie) H
A (Ven) - Mil

Bavaria (KingSolomon9):
A Cal - Cat [Bounced, 1v1]

Britain-Hanover (McGiles, 1741-47; JonathanSwaim, 1748-49):
[Eliminated 1749]

Denmark-Norway (bindlestiff):
[Eliminated 1746]

France (Bob.Durf):
[Eliminated 1743]

Naples-Sicily (glacier777):
[Eliminated 1748]

Netherlands (mambam14):
[Eliminated 1745]

Prussia (Antigonos):
[Eliminated 1744]

Russia (Alupi):
A Con hold
F Aeg support Con hold
F Eas hold
A Bos move Tra
A Vol move Gal
A Mol support Vol move Gal
A Blr move Lth
A Gal support Poz move Brs [Support order fails]
A Poz move Brs [Bounced, 2v2]
F WBa move Mec [Bounced, 2v2]
F Jut support Wba Move Mec [Support order fails]
F Nth move Han [Bounced, 1v2]
F Nrg hold
F Ice support Nrg hold
F Stp move Tro

Sardinia (Palin):
[Eliminated 1744]

Saxony-Poland (Stanislaw):
A Par support LaR to hold [Support cut by A Bur]
A Pal-Str
A Ane-Art
F Ams-Rot
A Hes-Col
A Wrz-Pal
A Salz-Tyr
A Boh support Brs to hold
A Lus support Ber to hold
A Brs support Ber to hold [Support cut by A Poz]
A Bra-Mec [Bounced, 2v2]
A Han support Bra-Mec [Support cut by F Nth]
A Ber support Bra-Mec [Support order fails]
F Mst support Han to hold

A LaR (hold) [Destroyed by A Gas, 1v2]

Spain (Shibabalo):
Gascony move La Rochelle.
English Channel support Gascony to La Rochelle.
Burgundy move Paris. [Bounced, 1v1]
Turin move Switzerland.
Genoa move Ligurian Sea.
Tyn support Ionian Sea holding.
Naples support Ionian Sea holding.
Adriatic Sea hold.
Ionian Sea hold.
Portugal hold.
Ext move Madrid.
Valencia move Catalonia. [Bounced, 1v1]
Irish Sea support North Atlantic holding.
Edinburgh support North Atlantic holding.
North Atlantic hold.
London hold.

Sweden (Pharaoh of nerds):
[Eliminated 1742]

Turkey (Ecallaw):
[Eliminated 1750]

Supply Centers:
Austria: 5
Bavaria: 0 (Eliminated 1751)
Britain-Hanover: 0 (Eliminated 1749)
Denmark-Norway: 0 (Eliminated 1746)
France: 0 (Eliminated 1743)
Naples-Sicily: 0 (Eliminated 1748)
Netherlands: 0 (Eliminated 1745)
Prussia: 0 (Eliminated 1744)
Russia: 16
Sardinia: 0 (Eliminated 1744)
Saxony-Poland: 17 (Saxon), 0 (Polish)
Spain: 17
Sweden: 0 (Eliminated 1742)
Turkey: 0 (Eliminated 1749)

Home Supply Centers (Winter 1751):
Austria: Vienna, Budapest, Trieste, Milan
Bavaria: (Eliminated 1751)
Britain-Hanover: (Eliminated 1749)
Denmark-Norway: (Eliminated 1746)
France: (Eliminated 1743)
Naples-Sicily: (Eliminated 1748)
Netherlands: (Eliminated 1745)
Prussia: (Eliminated 1744)
Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Crimea
Sardinia: (Eliminated 1744)
Saxony-Poland: Dresden (Saxon), Leipzig (Saxon), Hanover (Saxon)
Spain: Madrid, Cadiz, Valencia
Sweden: (Eliminated 1742)
Turkey: (Eliminated 1749)

Austria: +1
Bavaria: -1 (Eliminated 1751)
Britain-Hanover: +0 (Eliminated 1749)
Denmark-Norway: +0 (Eliminated 1746)
France: +0 (Eliminated 1743)
Naples-Sicily: +0 (Eliminated 1748)
Netherlands: +0 (Eliminated 1745)
Prussia: +0 (Eliminated 1744)
Russia: +1
Sardinia: +0 (Eliminated 1744)
Saxony-Poland: +2 (Saxony), +0 (Poland)
Spain: +1
Sweden: +0 (Eliminated 1742)
Turkey: +0 (Eliminated 1749)

There are no retreats so we can advance immediately to the next phase. Winter 1751 Build/Adjustment Orders are due 24 hours from now on Wednesday, December 3rd 5:00pm GMT-6 (CST), 11:00pm GMT
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