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Spring 1750

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2014, 00:17
by VaeVictis
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Austria (haroonriaz):
A (Vie) s A (Bud) H
A (Bud) s A (Boh) - Gal
A (Tri) s A (Bud) H
A (Ven) s A (Tri) H

Bavaria (KingSolomon9):
A LaR S A Par - Gas [Support cut by F Eng]
A Par - Gas
A Tur S F Gen H [Support cut, dislodged by A Bur, 2v3][Retreat needed]
F Gen S A Tur H
A Mil H

Britain-Hanover (McGiles, 1741-47; JonathanSwaim, 1748-49):
[Eliminated 1749]

Denmark-Norway (bindlestiff):
[Eliminated 1746]

France (Bob.Durf):
[Eliminated 1743]

Naples-Sicily (glacier777):
[Eliminated 1748]

Netherlands (mambam14):
[Eliminated 1745]

Prussia (Antigonos):
[Eliminated 1744]

Russia (Alupi):
A Ang move Con [Bounced]
A Arm move Don
F Con move Adr [Bounced, 1v1]
F Crm move Bla
A Bos move Cro
A Sil move Bul
A Tra move Gal [Bounced, 1v2]
A Ber move Mec
F WBa support Ber move Mec
A Poz support Gal move Brs
A Gal move Brs
F Nth move Han
F Jut support Nth move Han
F Ice move NAt
F Nrg support Ice move NAt
F StP move Tro
A Mos move Blr

Sardinia (Palin):
[Eliminated 1744]

Saxony-Poland (Stanislaw):
A Str-Par
A Art support Str-Par
A Mun-UPa
A Tyr hold
A Boh-Gal
A Brs support Lus-Ber [Support cut, dislodged by A Gal, 1v2][Retreat needed]
A Lus-Ber
A Bra support Lus-Ber
A Hes-Han [Bounced, 1v2]
F Han-Mst
F Ams-War
A Pal-Col
A Lei-Wrz
A Wur-Reg

Spain (Shibabalo):
Ionian Sea move Adriatic Sea. [Bounced, 1v1]
Barbary Coast move Ionian Sea. [Bounced, 1v1]
Tyn move Naples.
Tuscany move Prm.
Burgundy move Turin.
Provence support Burgundy to Turin.
Ligurian Sea support Burgundy to Turin.
Valencia move Catalonia.
GoC move Atlantic.
Cadiz move GoC.
English Channel move La Rochelle. [Bounced, 1v1]
Edinburgh move Yorkshire. [Bounced]
London move Yorkshire. [Bounced]
Irish Sea move North Atlantic. [Bounced, 1v2]

Sweden (Pharaoh of nerds):
[Eliminated 1742]

Turkey (Ecallaw):
[Eliminated 1750]

Retreats are required from Bavaria in Turin (Tur) and Saxony-Poland in Breslau (Brs). Spring 1750 Retreat Orders are due in 24 hours on Sunday, November 2nd 5:00pm GMT-6 (CST), 11:00pm GMT

Re: Spring 1750

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2014, 01:26
by KingSolomon9
Retreat to Swi

Spring 1750 Retreats

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2014, 06:26
by VaeVictis
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Bavaria (KingSolomon9):
Retreat to Swi

Saxony-Poland (Stanislaw):
Brs retreat-Lus

Fall 1750 Orders are due on Thursday, November 6th 5:00pm GMT-6 (CST), 11:00pm GMT